Friday, June 22, 2012

Pro Ears ReVO: Made in America Event Spotlight

Excited to spotlight my second Made in America company, Altus Brands. They specialize in numerous products, but we got to try out their awesome ear muffs!
AltusWho knew when I got the Pro Ears ReVO from Altus Brands, they’d be one of the hot items in my house? lol When I pulled out the Pink Cosmic ear muffs I figured they’d be mine, all mine. Alas, that wasn’t the case. My boys didn’t even seem to notice they’re pink!
I would come home from work and this is what I’d find…

ProEers Doodle loves these ear muffs! He found a fantastic use for them. When he reads, he likes to hang out with us instead of going to his room, but the tv or music is usually going. How is he supposed to concentrate on the book he’s reading with noise around him?

Oh yah, he grabs the ear muffs and just hangs out with us.

Pro Ears ReVO ear muffs aren’t meant to cut out all noise. “They block approximately 26 decibels of sound. Sounds will sound muffled but can still be heard if they are over 26 decibels. Natural speech is around 60 to 70 decibels so it sounds more like a very loud whisper depending on the distance from the speaker.”
ProEarsI have been using them as well. When I mow the yard it takes a number of hours and I always wear an iPod and listen to music. Unfortunately, to hear the music over the mower, I have to have it up pretty loud. Now, they iPod earphones don’t fit fantastically in the ear muffs (cuz that’s not what they’re made for), but I let them sit inside the muff and because the outside noise is reduced, the volume of my music can be turned down significantly!

These are extremely comfortable over the ears. The cushion on the headband means it doesn’t cut into the top of your head when you’re wearing them. They fit perfectly over my ears and they adjust for length so should fit a child and an adult such as myself!
IMG_3163 IMG_3164
My hope is that we’ll be able to go to some Monster Truck events or some dirt biking events in the Cities. I’m more inclined to go now, knowing that my boys hearing will be protected. My youngest already has hearing loss in his left ear. The last thing he needs is more damage!

Another use my boys will have for these is playing drums. Both want to learn. I noticed the guy who’s giving lessons wears ear muffs at church and when I asked my oldest son why, he said to protect his hearing. So, thank goodness we already have some. And, no, I won’t need them because I love hearing my boys practice!

I’ll be giving away a pair of ProEar ReVO ear muffs for the Made in America event starting July 4th!
Make sure to follow them on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


Unknown said...

Great concept!! I am like you I need my music when I do yard work. Your son really looks involved in the book too!

Beloved said...

they must be great if your little guys rocks them in PINK!
Karmablogger lovin'
Peace and good.

Unknown said...

These look really stylish

Unknown said...

I loved the review and it looks comfy. New follower here. Very nice blog too.

Amy said...

Those would be awesome at Monster Jam! Great Idea - for cutting grass - I always hated how loud the mowers were - and You couldn't ever hear anything over it.

Liz Mays said...

You're so right that it would be helpful at those loud events!

Ascending Butterfly said...

If these would help me block out my super obnoxious, super noisy neighbors, then I'll buy a case of them! :)

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Love the pink!! These are pretty neat. I could use them, you know, with 4 kiddos running around. ;)

Unknown said...

Those are completely awesome!! I love the color especially. :)

Tree said...

I like this idea! I need these when I'm on my laptop in the living room to drown out the tv and the family. lol

tkharmonic (Terri) said...

I need these to block out the TV sound. I'm constantly telling my son to turn the volume down on the TV, the computer, the Wii, everything! He does turn them up too loud, but sometimes any volume is too much for me, I need peace and quiet!! Noise is stressful to me,

Trista Anderson said...

Thanks for the info my middle child is very interested in drums so these would be great for him since im thinking of getting him a drum set

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