Friday, August 17, 2012

Hallmark Suite at BlogHer


Being that this was my first BlogHer, I had NO idea what to expect. Vanessa tried warning me. She was amazing at doing her best to prepare me, but honestly until you’re THERE in the thick of it, you have no clue what’s about to happen to you.

Hallmark Justin BieberThen, you have an afternoon where you can chill out in a beautiful suite like the one we enjoyed with Hallmark. Their suite was beautiful, relaxing and the view, breathtaking.

Hallmark HallmarkI realized at the end of BlogHer, I prefer these small, intimate gatherings over the insanity of big parties. I’m all about getting personal, talking to people…and brands. I don’t want to have to shout over music and other people talking at the top of their lungs. I don’t want to have to wonder if someone is even going to remember me being in the crowd.

So, let’s talk Hallmark!!

Vanessa, Hanan and I were given refreshments to start our time off. We were given a personal tour, yes, just the three of us, with the Hallmark rep! She took us to each station so we could get hands on with their upcoming products…get excited for the holidays people!!

Hallmark Text BandsI was introduced to the new Text Bands (review and giveaway will be coming down the road) Those were sooo cool. I know Doodle will love trying these out with his friends. lol I’ll have to make sure he doesn’t get in trouble at school using them. Neither of my boys have cell phones, so texting with these will have a lot of appeal, especially the Star Wars themed ones!

Ok, personally, I’m sad that my kids are growing up and out of the age bracket for some of the CUTEST products Hallmark has out now. How adorable are these Interactive Story Buddy products?!

Hallmark Interactive BuddyHallmark Bell's Big Move 

And this set getting ready for the Holidays

Hallmark Jingles

Hanan was hysterical trying out the Microphone that turns your voice to sound like an elf. It was awesome!

Hallmark Next we headed into the Master bedroom of the suite and got to check out the Recordable Books. These are perfect for grandparents to read to their grandchildren, parents who travel to read to their kids, or just to have on the bookshelf for the children to enjoy.

Hallmark Recordable Book

Hallmark Recordable Book

And then, one of my favorite items that I came across. So sweet! It’s the Until We Hug Again bear. I love it!!

Hallmark Until We Hug Again Hallmark SuiteOne of the products I forgot to take pictures of are their awesome personalize cards you can make. They have a fantastic selection and I can’t wait to make our for this coming Christmas!!

Thank you Hallmark for a great afternoon!

*I haven’t received any compensation for this post. I received a swag bag while there, but was NOT asked to do anything in return.


Liz Mays said...

That was one of my favorite events too. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy in there, and there were some pretty amazing new additions to their line!

tkharmonic (Terri) said...

I would like a closer look at the "You're a Hero" book.

Pam said...

I loved the Hallmark Suite and the view was awesome. Did you see the people partying on the rooftop on the building below? lol

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