Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite at #BlogHer12

The big toy book

I would have to say I have 3 Events I would go to again next year out of all the ones I went to for the first time this year and as a Mom, the Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite was one of them.

Yes, they had some of the MOST amazing brands in one location, but that wasn’t what made it awesome. The people behind these brands are what made my experience fantastic!

The first company I came to was Neat-Oh. I’ve seen their product before but didn’t know their name! The two products they had sitting out both had my boys names on them. One case was Ninjago the other was Star Wars. lol My boys would’ve been in heaven!


I met the people at the Teenage Mutant Ninja booth and these guys were awesome! They came out and talked to me, we shot the breeze for a few minutes, talked briefly about the toys, because I had already gotten the low down from the first guy, and we connected.

I didn’t ask for anything and neither did they. lol I love walking away with no agenda! Then again, my boys kind of like the whole ninja thing so I may have to send out an email in the near future. =)

I walked around scoping out the new toys about to hit the market like the ones at Bandai! Oh my gosh, my boys love Power Rangers and Ben 10. Their new Gigazord is super cool! That thing can become quite the beast! And the very cool wrist band that was demonstrated for me blew me away. Technology is amazing!

I meandered outside where I got to taste some amazing frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. I know, I stink because I forgot to take pictures. I’m telling you, there was SO much to see and do, it’s like I was a kid in a candy shop!


While I was outside, I made a bracelet and got to pick out three charms. It wasn’t easy, but I did it! Walking through the Suite, and all the adorable girl stuff, oh my gosh, I wished my girls were still little! I’m sad because I’ve been looking for my bracelet and can’t find it anywhere. =(


Ok, I don’t have an iPad, but seeing the game of Life and Monopoly able to be played with it, all updated to be more towards our kid’s generation made me excited to show my boys. They’re 13 and 9 and LOVE both of those games!

Sweet Suite 2

Mad Libs, for real, who doesn’t love them? My boys enjoy doing them on road trips and I love long road trips!

Mad Libs

These will be perfect when we head to Chicago or my parents’ in VA!

The ONE thing my boys and I are holding out hope for one of these days is an Xbox. Yes, Kinect was there!! They have SO many awesome games and the biggest thing I like about it is that it’s hands free. The games the boys will want right away are the Star Wars and Kinect Rush: Disney Pixar Adventure!

Kinect Star Wars

3D Boxshot Wizard RHS v1.1

I would really love to have a Kinect right now since I missed every part of the Olympics being that I was at BlogHer for 5 days and then traveling and out of town. It was a crazy 2 weeks. Xbox LIVE is packed with streaming and archived sports, even Olympic highlights!

I want to thank The Big Toy Book for inviting me to join their event. It really was fantastic! I hope to see them again in Chicago!

*By writing this post I am entered to win a prize package from The Big Toy Book. I was going to write about it anyhow, but needed to share this tidbit with you!


Liz Mays said...

The charms were the cutest! Loved them, and I'll always be a fan of Mad Libs. Classic!

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