Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bejeweled by Hasbro Give Away

One of our favorite apps to play is Bejeweled. We actually liked it before it was an app and we could just play it online. My boys love it! When I found out Hasbro had a new game that the family could play together, I definitely threw my name into the hat to do a review!
Bejeweled pieces
Hasbro took the PopCap’s digital game and made it so the family could play the real game! It comes with 91 gems that slide just like they do in the digital version, although you’re the one sliding the pieces. =)
Pieces from Bejeweled
The game pieces will remind you of the digital game you’re used to. When we set the game up and started playing, we realized that we weren’t sure of one of the rules, namely when a person’s turn is done. lol The rules say if you see another match you go again. But do you go once more only or keep going until you don’t find any more matches?
Bejeweled Board
We tried going until you don’t find any more matches and that became a game of Solitaire basically. So, we decided that each person could go twice. their first match and then if they found another one that was their last turn and it became the next player’s turn.
Making a Match
It was a fun game! I can see this being educational with younger kids, teaching them to match colors and to count, but for my boys and myself, we had to figure out how to get the most patterns at once.
Now’s your chance to win this family game from Hasbro!

*We were provided this game for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

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