Friday, April 12, 2013

Cleaning With Formula 409: Time to Start Doing My Share & Give Away #sprayeverydrop

So, I kind of get off a bit easy around my house. Living with my parents now is much different than when I was a kid. They’re in a better place financially and they live in the nicest house they’ve ever owned. That being said, my mom has a gal who comes to clean every two weeks. That means we just do maintenance around the house.
Formula 409
A gal could get used to this.

My mom used to tell me I needed to marry a rich man because he’d have to give me a maid. I have an even better solution…move back home with the ‘rents! =)

Ok, all kidding aside, I’m not a fan of the daily tasks of cleaning counters, bathrooms, etc. One of the irritating aspects of cleaning is when you’re doing a job and you get to the end of the bottle, but you can’t spray any more out because the tube inside doesn’t suck it up for some goofy reason!

You know what I’m talking about, right? Do you do what I do and turn the bottle every single direction imaginable to see if you can get the last vestiges of cleaner out? And then what do you (well, I) do? End up dumping it out because you need to finish what you’ve started.
Smart Tube Technology
The people at Clorox have done us all a favor and created the Clorox Smart Tube Technology and since I have an awesome partnership with TheMotherhood, I was able to try them out for review! They’ve got this awesome tube that extends down the side/front of the bottle, when you get to the very end, it just keeps sucking up the juice that sits down there.

Now, since I don’t have to clean so much, it would’ve taken me ages to get to the bottom of this Formula 409 bottle. Problem solved, I decided to empty the bottle out until there was just a tiny bit left to give this fandangled idea a workout. Yes, I’m serious when I do these reviews!
Formula 409 Empty
I sprayed and sprayed (had to dump out more) and finally got to the end. I kid you not, I sprayed until there was only maybe residue left in the bottle. I shook it around and didn’t hear anything sloshing inside! It truly used the last drop of cleaner from the bottle! It does what it says it’ll do! Gotta love that!

I’ve used Formula 409 since I was a kid because it’s what my mom always used for her cleaning. Now I’ll get to use it to the very last drop!
Smart Tube Technology
Clorox just launched a new coupon on their site. When you watch the quick video about the spray bottle's "makeover" you get a $1 coupon. If you share the video on Facebook or Twitter, you get a $1.50 coupon. How cool is that?! I’m all for saving more money. =)

Here’s a list of all of the products currently using the Smart Tube Technology:

· Clorox® Clean-Up®
· Clorox® Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner
· Clorox® Disinfecting Bleach Foamer
· Clorox® Bleach Gel
· Clorox® Kitchen
· Formula 409® (Original, Lemon, Stone & Steel, Glass & Surface, Carpet/Pet)
· Tilex® (Bathroom Cleaner, Mold & Mildew Remover, Mildew Root Penetrator™)
· Clorox® Antihongos
· Clorox® Desengrasantes

For more information and to see SMART TUBE® TECHNOLOGY in action, visit Visit, log on to, or follow @Clorox to receive the latest product news, tips, offers and more.

Guess what? One winner will receive 5 coupons for freed products! Be sure to enter to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway *I received the product for review from TheMotherhood & Clorox and I've been compensated for my time. The opinions expressed are my own.


Linda Kish said...

I usually dump it out to use it.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

redfuzzycow said...

throw it out (jennifer reda)

scottsgal said...

I typically dump the remainder
msboatgal at

Julie Wood said...

I use every drop of cleaner at the bottom of my bottles. I do not like any waste!

BethElderton said...

I usually dump it onto a cloth or onto the surface.
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I ususlly takt the lid off and use it if I am the one doing it. If another person in the family does it they usually leave it and throw it away

Remus said...

I open the bottle up and pour the liquid onto a paper towel or onto the surface I am cleaning

Sandra VanHoey said...

I dump it out

latanya t said...

leave it

sdavis said...

dump it out to use it

Anonymous said...

I dump it out to use it.

Jackie said...

I usually dump it out

Unknown said...

I love the one with the lemon scent. Such a clean smell!

June L said...

I usually dump it out to use unless I get really mad. Then the whole thing goes in the trash.

rachel said...

I usually dump it out on a rag so I can use it.

sherrypg said...

We usually throw it out.

tarter95 said...

I use every last drop...well, maybe not the last drop, but I get my money's worth..

Unknown said...

I usually pour it in the new one I have. If the new one is too full I just keep the old one by it until there is room.

Unknown said...

I dump it and use it.

CherylS22 said...

I dump it & use it, too.
Thanks for the giveaway!

bmom76 said...

I usually dump it out.
chelsea r

Allison Downes said...

I also dump it out to use

thanks for the chance to win!

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