Thursday, April 18, 2013

Babyliss Tourmaline Curling Iron #spon

When you see me, you’ll typically see me with my hair curled. Not in ringlets, although I’d love them! My hair is stick straight and thin. Getting a curl to stay in my hair is pretty close to impossible, but what I usually want is to just round my hair. lol Does that even make sense?


My curling irons have usually been 1 1/2” barrels because it gives me a tighter curl. The only problem with that is sometimes the curl is more than any other part on my hair. I had always wanted a larger barrel curling iron, I just felt like it was an expense I couldn’t justify.


When I had the chance to review this Babyliss Tourmaline curling iron, I was pretty thrilled. I realize sometimes the expense of a product ends up paying for itself in more way than one.

The temperature guide pops out and pops in to adjust the temperature. That way while you’re doing your hair it doesn’t accidentally move on it’s own or by swiping your finger by it as you’re doing your hair.


The only issue I had while doing my hair was that sometimes when I held the curling iron a certain way in my hand, I’d accidentally turn it off because of where the on/off button is located.


First, let me say, for the record, since I’ve started using this curling iron, I haven’t gotten back to my old curling iron. The curls this gives me are soft and round. I’ve never had the chance to have gentle curls. lol It’s always been sort of a race to curl my hair long enough to give it the curl, but not so long that it becomes a ring.


Halfway through the process you can see the difference from one side to the other. And that’s exactly the look I’m always going for. If my hair is going to be straight, then I want to use my straightener and for it to look nice and smooth, but the “straight, blah” look is not what I’m ever going for. I’d have to say 95% of the time, I like a curl or a wave of some sort.

My next goal is to find product that will help keep these waves/curls in my hair. I’ve tried different mousse and hair spray, but so far, by the end of the day…lol sometimes by the time I leave the bathroom, my hair has lost much of the curl. I just got my hair cut while in MN and my hair has kept the curl all day! Obviously that matters as well!

Soft wavy curls[15]

It all comes together! =) And I know, I have ZERO make-up on, but meh, such is life. lol

How many curling irons do you have? Are they different sizes? What do you do keep the curl in your hair all day?


Liz Mays said...

I wouldn't have the slightest clue how to curl my hair. I've never used a curling iron in my life!

Anonymous said...

i'm opposite than you, i straighten my hair but then again it's short. i used to like tight curls when my hair was long but they never stayed put

Karo said...

luv ur hair, looks very good, thnx for the recommendation, my favorite now is the karmin g3 clipless, it's really good too. :D

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