Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stainless Tub From Wind and Weather #TailgateBash #sp

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One of the things I most want to do is have fun items for parties. For football season, I would love to have a whole spread of serving bowls, table d├ęcor, etc! I would love them for all kinds of events including the baseball season that’s just around the corner! For now, I’ve been focused on football and the Super Bowl!
Wind & Weather Stainless Steel Tub #sp[6]
We love all kinds of pop, juices and water, but filling the fridge isn’t conducive to having it readily available during a party. And yes, during the warmer months I’d love to have the option of having parties outside.

What I found at Wind & Weather was a fabulous stainless steel tub that comes with a stand so you can have it on the table. We don’t have an ice maker any more with our fridge so I ran to the convenience store down the road and grabbed two large bags of ice.
Chilling Drinks #sp[5]
I was actually surprised at how much we could fit in the tub! Obviously everything stayed cold through the game and I left everything sitting on the table overnight so that the ice could melt. The one negative would be that there was a broken seal somewhere so it leaked the melted ice overnight. If you have a little welder that, can easily be fixed. I would say to be on the safe side, I would test it before you put it on a table or any other surface that you don’t want water getting on.
Ready for football #sp[5]
I also like the wrought iron folding stand. When I store the tub, I put the legs inside of it so they can be kept together. Overall, I love the look of the tub and stand and it’s functionality for any parties! I can’t wait to use it a lot more!


Remus said...

I like that tub.... it looks great on your table with the rest of the spread!

Beth said...

OMG that tub is AMAZING! I totally want one of those!

Lynne said...

I've been wishing for a beverage tub as well....but like your experience, we've had some leakage issues with some that we have had in the past. Right now I am using a red plastic oval container as a beverage tub when needed....but clearly, red doesn't go with every decor - so this stainless steel one would be great. Thanks for the heads up on the potential water issue.

PaleoCouponLady said...

can't wait for football season!

Meredith said...

That's pretty neat love it!

Unknown said...

That tub looks great. I'm on the lookout for a similar ice bucket in stainless steel, just a smaller one. Have fun with it!

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