Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Care Package & Snow “Accumulation”

My bff, LP, sent me a care package this past week! So thankful and love her to death!

She actually sent me these warmers for INSIDE my house. It has yet to reach 60 degrees in here all winter. Baseboard heat is outrageously expensive!
Hand Warmers[9]
Earlier this month I asked on my Facebook page about Bible Study suggestions. Her hubby suggested this book, although it’s more of a read than a devotion.Book[8]
This measurement cracks me up. It lasted about 5 days. It’s all gone again. THIS is winter in Maryland. Reminds me of when I lived in Washington state.Snow-Inches
This was Minnesota last year in December. Not sure when it finally went away, but I’m guessing it wasn’t until April sometime. Now THAT’s the winter we’re used to!Snow-Compare
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Anonymous said...

You know what's crazy? We've had hardly any snow this winter. They say it's the driest it's been in a decade, while the south is getting snow! However it's really cold and I cold use some of those warmers. That was really sweet of her to send you some.

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

LOL! That's still real winter to me. We get zero snowfall here in Phoenix. I don't think I'd handle snow well, but it sure looks pretty!
I'm sorry it's been SO freezing in your house! So nice of your friend to send that to you, hope it's helping to keep you warm! :)

Unknown said...

We used to have snow like that in Jersey. That's why I hate the snow! I love Texas where it's (USUALLY) warm! Love that your friends made sure you would stay warm though!

Unknown said...

Care packages are the best! We get them from my in laws a lot and they are always so thoughtful!

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