Sunday, January 12, 2014

If I could Stay…Thirty-Four

When I think about what age I would stay if I were given the option, I’d stay 34. There are a whole host of reasons why. The starting point would be because I’d have all 4 of my kids. If I went back to any earlier age, I would be missing one, and that’s just not something I could live with! The picture below is me around 37, but I don’t have anything on my computer that’s older.

me and the kids[9]

At 34 I wasn’t in my late 30s yet. lol For some reason being in my “late” anything makes me feel like I’m already to the next decade and I’m not fond of that feeling! Right now the thought of heading into my late 40s is far from appealing.

After having all 4 of my kids and then getting my job, I was probably in the best shape of my life. Mmmmm Well, maybe the 2nd best because in my late 20s when I was in college I took some aerobics classes and was in good shape.

I was also a stay at home mom. It was THE best job I ever had. If I could go back to being one, I’d do it in a heartbeat. As a SAHM I was able to volunteer at the girls school. I’d take Buddy and new baby Doodle to toddler and baby classes.

Staying at that age would mean no midlife crisis, right? lol I wouldn’t ever hit my 40s edging me into my twilight years. I’d be young enough to still feel like I wasn’t over-the-hill. I’d be old enough to be respected, at least from my dad’s perspective.

What age would you stay at if you could?


Barbara said...

It does sound like the perfect age. I'm not sure if I've reached it yet. Every year brings on it's new adventures. I agree though, I don't like being "late" in any age.

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