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Getting To Know Versatile Actress/Singer E. G. Daily

I grew up watching E.G. Daily in the 80s and loved seeing her in any movie. Back then, to me, she was the girl every other girl wanted to be. I went onto YouTube to refresh my memory on the movies I loved her in and the funny thing was, watching them, I forgot how many she sang in.

Now, you might be wondering, “Who is E.G. Daily?” Before I tell you how you’d know her, let me ask you, when was the last time you watched The Voice? Yes, I know it’s over, but did you watch it this past season? If so, you saw her sing!

Ah, now you know who I’m talking about, right? No? Ok, what if I mention Tommy Pickles from Rugrats or Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls or Dottie from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure! Now, those are kid shows from the 80’s and 90’s. I remember her more from her 80’s movies.

I have to say, when we first started the interview, it felt like I was just talking to another mom. Well, I did admit to having a girl crush when I was a young teen (ha!), but other than that, it was such a normal conversation. E.G. was really a delight to chat with!
The Voice photo[4]
What came first for you, a love for acting or singing?
E.G. said she would say she started singing before anything else. Acting started from being shy. 9-10 started writing poety and from there singing.

What roll would you say most people know you from?
Different mediums would be different answers. She and I agreed that she’s covered multiple generations and that each one would know her for a different roll. Whereas I remember her from Valley Girl, Summer School, and and Better Off Dead, my kids (all 4 of them) would know her from Rugrats and Happy Feet.

What prompted you to try out for The Voice? Has the time on that show brought renewed interest in you as a singer/actress from people that might not have known who you were?
She’s always looking for new ways to reinvigorate herself, and she’s older and wiser so she really enjoyed it. Not like at 20, making certain careers moves, where it was more business than anything. Now E.G.’s doing it because she loves it. Refines joy and changes your life. She’s been doing it for fun and has opened up new things for her career.
ON that stage she was able to remind people about Rugrats & Pee wee, but everyone was pulling pieces together of who she was. Whether a voice over, singer, actress, it brought it all together. She’s all of those people.
She kept it secret for a while from her kids. A friend had signed her up. E.G. was just in it for the journey.

How did you get involved with doing voice over work?
Women are usually the ones who do the voices. It just flows. They’re put in their own little niche. I had never thought about it, but E.G. said that they don’t get boys to do boy character voices because their voices change and crack as they get older. Someone saw her do a show where she had to grow up with the character and thought her voice would be perfect for voice overs.

Where do you see your career heading? What do you have coming up next?
E.G. is doing a lot of press…The Voice has made her story more fascinating. For her it’s more important to share the message of doing positive, age doesn’t matter.
I’m excited to see where E.G.’s career heads. I know she won’t be done working any time soon. She’s been in the business since the late 70’s so she clearly has staying power. It’ll be fun to see if she ends up in more tv or movie rolls and if she makes any more albums. I would definitely expect to hear more from her music career down the road! Be sure to visit her website to keep up with her and connect with her on any of her social sites!
E.G. Daily[5]

What role do you know E.G. Daily from?


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