Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Battling Tervis Tumblers #TailGateBash #sp

Tervis disclosure
As I’ve said before, my boys and I have a healthy debate going over who has the “best” NFL team to root for. Now, “best” is a subjective word. If you look at stats, you might say the Vikings aren’t the “best” team in the league. You might think of Buddy’s Green Bay Packers and say they’re the “best”. Doodle would state emphatically that his Falcons rule the roost and are the “best”. Shhhhh don’t tell the boys “Go Vikings!”
Initially when I wanted to do the Tailgate Bash, I was hoping the 3 of us would be able to get a product of some sort that represented each of our teams. When I heard from Tervis saying they’d join our party, I was SO excited! Moving here we didn’t have many “extra” cups and definitely no tumblers. They sent Buddy and I tumblers that represented both of our teams!!
Tervis NFL[4]
I’m going to totally sound like I’m bragging on the company, and that’s be cause they deserve it. We absolutely love our tumblers. There are so many fun components to both of our cups. I wanted to surprise Buddy with his Tervis tumbler because I told him I didn’t have any Green Bay products otherwise I would’ve let him choose his own design.
Vikings Tervis[5]
That’s where we should start…the options. The options are really what sold me on how cool this company is. First, you can pick a numerous sizes of their tumblers, a mug, water bottle, and ice bucket. You can also pick out various designs, and ladies, there’s even a PINK one for each of the NFL teams! See, that is a company reaching a wider demographic!
Tervis Superheroes[4]
After you decide on a tumbler, you get even MORE options. Depending on which tumbler you choose, you can even choose a tumbler color. There’s a minimal fee for that. You could even personalize it! Accessories available are like lids in an array of colors, handles, shaker tops, straws, and gift bags, all right there on one page.

As you can see from the picture above, we found Tervis at Kohl’s when we were shopping last weekend, and Buddy has begun his birthday list with these at the top! Good to know I’ve created a fan! Doodle said, “The next time you work with them, I get a Falcon’s cup.” hahahaha Wow! Who knew a tumbler would be on the hot list for my boys?

Do you have a favorite cup?


Unknown said...

What a great cup! LOVE it!

Samantha Pierce said...

I do not have a favorite cup, but it sure sounds like one of these tumblers could become a favorite... easily!

Heather Jones said...

I just have to comment and say its totally odd to see Green Bay and Vikings paraphernalia together considering their arch rivalry. ;) I personally am a huge Green Bay fan and would love to get a tumbler for my husband like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's awesome, we'd all love to get our own! I'll have to show Mike and the kids!

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