Friday, January 10, 2014

Show Your Team Pride With A Flag From 1st Down Shop #sp #TailgateBash

1st Down Shop Disclosure
Until the past year or so, I’d never seen large flags being flow in front yards rooting on people’s favorite sports teams! Recently I’m starting to see them in quite a few yards! Mostly for the football fanatics!
1st Down Sports[4]
Being that we’re in a state that has 3 different fans: Redskins, Ravens, and Steelers,  I figured one way to stand out would be to have an awesome flag in the front yard. Ok, “awesome” is probably too strong of a word because it’s not a Vikings flag, but a Steelers one.
Steelers Flag Package[4]
I hadn’t actually ever seen one up close before, but when we got the Steelers flag for Fred, it was SO nice! We ordered it from 1st Down Shop and it actually came quickly. Unfortunately, it came right before the last Pittsburg Steelers game where they lost. He and his son didn’t have much time to proudly fly it in the yard. I’m sure they’ll have it out there flying during every Steelers game next year. I’ll have to get a Vikings one to show our pride against theirs! lol
Steelers Outside[4]
The flag actually has the Steelers logo embroidered onto it. It’s not a print. It’s made on a heavy duty nylon and is 8 1/2 feet tall! Top that off with an 11 foot pole and your yard is set to show your team pride!

If you’re a football fan, 1st Down Shop has everything you could possibly imagine. And yes, they have them for other professional sports, NCAA, and military! Imagine having a leather recliner, floor mats for your car, tailgate table, or a billiard lamp with your favorite teams logo on it! Ahhhh dreams of having a sports room dancing in my head! lol Imagine one wall all Vikings, one all Packers, one all Steelers and one all Falcons. hahahahaha It could make for a lot of entertainment!
Steelers in yard[4]

Ok, so what team would you want to have flying on a flag in your yard?


Ellen said...

I'm not sure which team we'd choose. I'd have to check with my son. He looks thrilled with his!

Samantha Pierce said...

I'm not sure what team we would display in our yard, unfortunately we're not a big sports family... I think that your Steelers flag looks incredible though!

Jennifer Carroll said...

This is cool especially if you follow sports!

Anonymous said...

Ha! He looks so proud! What an awesomely big flag!!

Alea Milham said...

That is some team spirit! We would fly a flag for the 49ers!

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