Saturday, January 4, 2014

One Thing I Wish I Knew: f/Stop

I love photography. I love what cameras can do. I love those fancy high powered DSLR cameras! What I don’t love is me not understanding their amazing functions.

Of course, photos don’t just make themselves. The person behind the view finder is really who creates the images we see. They understand the way their camera works. Lighting, lenses, depth of field, etc. They know what their camera is capable of.

fstop for camera[5]

Me, I put it on manual and push the shutter button. Picture taken.

What the heck is an Aperture Priority? What is an f/stop? Ok, those questions are rhetorical. I’ve read about them on several occasions. Mmmmmm I sort of read about them. I’m more of a hands on learner. When I read about this kind of stuff my brain goes numb. I mean, why the LOWER the number, the WIDER the hole that the light comes through? I know there’s a mathematical equation involved in figuring it out. That’s probably the start of the problem. Math is involved.

As much as my son’s brain goes numb reading a book, I can barely finish a sentence when it’s talking equations and there are numbers included.

camera settings[4]

I really want to learn what Depth of Field is as well. I mean, that’s something I can do manually and practice over time. So cool to see pictures with a bright gorgeous butterfly on a flower with a blurred background. I’ve done it before, I just want to know and understand how to do it intentionally!

The person behind the camera either has an eye for good shots or doesn’t. I take pictures, not photographs. lol Yes, in my lameness I differentiate. My pictures are just sad snapshots. I don’t really have an eye for setting up a shot. I’m not dissing myself, don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying there’s a comparison of the way people take pictures.

I have been considering for years of taking a photography class. I figure hands on training is how I learn so maybe a community college course or something through the parks & rec would be a good way to go. It would be so cool to have someone show me what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. Something to look into!

What is one thing you wish you knew?


Lynne said...

I took a one evening class. My husband got it for me, and it was through either Groupon or Living Social. It was called DSLR Workshops, and the man's name is Okello Dunkley. The website is I learned alot, although I do have to say, if my husband had paid full price, I would have felt it was not worth it. I believe the groupon meant that the price of the class was between $30 and $30. He also has a facebook page DSLRWorkshops.

Unknown said...

I have had my digital camera for three years. Like you I just take a picture. I also get bored reading the manual. For my new job I must take pictures of displays. I just recently found out about the scene selection on my camera. I had no idea why my close ups were blurry or wouldn't pick up the detail.

Anita Yancey said...

I am terrible at taking pictures. I just wish I was as good at it as my husband is. I hope your having fun learning more about it. The one thing I wish I knew is how to play the piano.

Unknown said...

I wish I was a photo taking pro. I am terrible at it!

Shelly Leatham said...

With a camera...I wish I knew how to take better action photos! In other areas, I wish I knew how to knit!!

1froglegs said...

I also have an SLR that I have no idea how to use. It is loaded with tons of settings and functions, and all I ever do is put it in "auto". I feel like I am shortchanging myself.

Bo said...

I'm horrible at taking photos! My point and shoot camera's broken and I was thinking of upgrading to a SLR but am scared I'll never learn to use it!

GeorgiaBeckman said...

I would love to take FABULOUS photos, however, like you, my mind feels like scrambled eggs when I look at those manuals. What I need is for someone to come over & when I'm ready to take a photo & I know what I"m trying to capture, the could tell me, "Oh, you need to do this. (push this button, change this setting, etc)

kpintn said...

I wish I knew how to fold a fitted sheet so that is looks just as neat as the rest of the folded laundry......I have been shown how, watched videos and always it ends up in a "wad" because I get sooo aggravated trying to fold just right!

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