Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ultimate Hands For The Ultimate Sports Fan! #TailgateBash #sp

TailgateBash Disclosure
We’re a family who loves our football. Unfortunately, none of us agrees on which team to root for. My boys have become traitors to the state they grew up in, Minnesota. So the Vikings haven’t done so great…for a while…years maybe. But people from Minnesota aren’t traitors, except my boys apparently. I haven’t done a good job raising them! ha
Buddy turned on us first by going to root for our nemesis the Green Bay Packers. It happened several years ago. Then Doodle for some very odd reason started rooting for the Atlanta Falcons. I think when our neighbor gave him an outgrown Falcons jersey is when he turned. I mean, we have no connection to the Falcons.
Ultimate Hands[4]
When it comes to football season, the three of us get quite animated when our teams are playing. I root for my Vikings and may do a lot of yelling at my tv. Just ask the boys. What I hear during football season is, “Mom, stop yelling at the tv!” It’s probably a good idea that I don’t go out in public very often. This year, the Vikings and the Steelers went to England to play an exhibition game. I’m happy to say, much to Fred and his son’s chagrin, my Vikings beat the Steelers 34-27! BOOM!
Ultimate Hands Wrapping[13]
Adrian Peterson

Ha! That’s the only name I need to say, right?!

Since Doodle loves his Falcons, and they’re so far away, we don’t have an easy way to get our hands on any of their products. Along comes UltimateHands to save the day! I was sent the Falcon’s UltimateHands for him to help him root on his team. I let him open it on Christmas and he hasn’t let it leave his side.
UltimateHands Fan Enough[4]
My brother’s reaction to seeing Doodle’s I know that I’ll be getting him a Virginia Tech UltimateHands. Fred’s son, Mboy has a birthday in March so a Pittsburg Steelers UltimateHands will be given to him from our family. With Buddy’s bday in June, I’ll begrudgingly give him a dang Packers UltimateHands, but then the next month is MY birthday so I’ll be sure to get myself a Vikings UltimateHands specifically from the boys, just to torture them! My oldest daughter has become a big Minnesota Twins fan so I’ll have to be sure to get her the Twin UltimateHands for her birthday in July. Something tells me I should be buying stock. =)
These hands are a fun way to show your team pride! They’re very well made. I love that you can see detail in the hands like the nail and knuckle creases to them. There’s a lot of room inside the hand for a small to large hand!

Not only do they have these awesome Hands, they have new mini megaphones! You can choose from 12 colors! I think having this around when I’m cheering for my Vikings or Twins is a stellar idea! Booyah
Now, be sure to check out UltimateHands and follow them on all of their social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. They’re going to be part of our Tailgate Bash January 6-20th!


Unknown said...

I love it! I'm gonna win the Tail Gate Bash so I'll be happily rooting for the Houston Texans. Well, ok, I know my son will steal it from me!

Shannon said...

These are really cool but the Lions are so bad I'm not sure they would even put their logo on one of them! lol! Oh well! still want one!

Bo said...

What cool looking hands! Although we watch mainly from our couch, my husband would love one for the Ravens!

sgumer said...

love these. i like that you can get them anywhere you want even though you are not in the same city as the team.

DesiredOne said...

I love the little Mini Megaphone. Brings me back to my days of being a cheerleader lol.

Unknown said...

These are fun and you certainly seem sold on them!

lmurley2000 said...

this is so great my brother would love this

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