Friday, April 25, 2014

The Love Dare: Being & Doing

Ok, the last couple of days have been really busy. I’ve been “doing” the Love Dare by going to Fred’s house and planting some flowers in his “garden”. Yea, ok, he doesn’t really have a garden. It’s just dirt in front of his house with plants/bushes plopped in it. Not at all what I’d want. I’m all about perennials!

Garden Gift[6]

So, for Day 2 I was supposed to do a random act of kindness and Day 3 I was supposed to buy something that said, “I was thinking of you today.” Something that helps me be not selfish. I have a 2nd part of Day 3 that I still need to do and I told Fred I’d be doing it Friday night while he’s at his Elder meeting.

As I mentioned the other day, Fred loves seafood. Like, in a crazy way. If he could live off the stuff and never eat anything else, he’d be a happy camper. I remembered we’d passed the place he has catered for and gets his seafood fresh, but for the life of me couldn’t remember where it was. I remember the city it’s in, but sheesh, it’s a big place. Turns out it was down a road I didn’t take, of course!

Fred's dinner[9]

I ended up getting him some asparagus and fresh shrimp. I was really super bummed I couldn’t find crab legs, which would’ve rounded out his seafood meal. Next time.

Now I have one more thing to bless Fred, but it’s raining and yea, I won’t be doing my one more thing until it’s dry out. I’m more than a bit disappointed.

I have to be honest, it’s hard not to slip back into my usual habits. I’ve also realized some stuff about my relationship with Fred that have been hard. It’s something we’re both going to have to work through. I mean, we’ve got more than one thing to work on. Like he said today, “it’s kind of like gas in a car. Filling only part of the tank gets only so far. Our tank is pretty empty.”

He’s right. We need to fill it up with a lot more positive “gas”. Man, I seriously need to get better at this whole loving and being selfless thing!

In what ways do you fill up the positive in your relationship?

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HBrummett said...

I am so proud of you. I am so impressed. This Dare will not only help your relationship but YOU! It will help work on things inside you that you didn't know needed fixed. I am inspired to do this myself now. Keep posting! I'll keep checking in!

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