Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snacking On The Road

General disclosureWe’re on the go about once a month, if not more. We’re either driving to my parents house, which is two hours away. We went to the ocean in August and September. That’s a three hour trip each way, and the drive earlier this month was totally worth it.

In July we drove down to Williamsburg and we’ll be doing it again next month! That’s another three hour drive…one way! We get to kill two birds with one stone on that trip. We get to stay with family and visit Busch Gardens! Not a bad way to spend a weekend!
Road Trip Snacks
When we make these trips I always have a cooler and a bag of snacks. I’m not a fan of eating out too much when we’re on the road. I mean, if I can bring sandwiches, fruit, drinks, and snacks, why stop? Ok, the occasional potty and gas break. I’m totally down for that.

This time the snack we took to go visit my mom for her 70th birthday was Red Vines Fruit Vines Bites. My boys are big fans of Red Vines. They get this from their dad. I’m not a big snacker, but my boys have snacks at home and on the road. What is it about road trips that makes us want to snack?
Red Vines Timeless Snack
Now Red Vines has Fruit Vines Bites. We were able to try different sizes with their packaging. The Bites were the same, just a different way to have them during your day. I liked the small packages because those ones could be tossed into the boys’ lunches. My favorite was the resealable bag because it’s going to stay fresh longer.

We got to try out the strawberry and cherry flavors. The boys were passing them back and forth. Funny thing was, they wanted to try the Fruit Vines in the different packages as if they’d taste different. Ooooook Don’t ask. I have no idea.
Snacking on the Road
Well, when we took a trip to the ocean the next week (I forgot to get pics) as soon as Fred saw I had them for snacks, he was ripping into them. Geez, like Red Vines much? I had no idea he liked them as much as he does. Not taken. I guess when we head down to Williamsburg next month I know what we’ll be taking along with us!

What do you love to snack on during your road trips?


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