Monday, September 8, 2014

Tailgating Crab Dip With Wilton Armetale & Giveaway

Wilton Armetale Disclosure
I’ve never done an official tailgate. *hangs head in shame* I love sports. I love football. I just can’t afford to go to professional games so tailgating isn’t something we get to do often. I want to hang out with my brother more often because he and his buddies like to tailgate. In fact, they’ll be heading down to VA Tech to watch several games this season and they’ll be tailgating with people who take that activity very seriously.

I know it sounds silly, but I love the whole atmosphere of sports. I’m the person yelling in the stands, clapping loudly, and when my fingers cooperate I’m whistling. I really get into the game, no matter what I’m watching. Football or baseball, it doesn’t matter, let’s just play ball!
Classic Medium Bowl
When you think about tailgating, you have to have the right gear. I’ve slowly, but surely, started stocking up on essentials. I got some fun food trays, liners for the trays, place mats, and an awesome Wilton Armetale bowl.

Something I had NO clue about when I moved to Maryland was their obsession with crab in their food. Holy cow, I’ve been exposed to it on a regular basis since we got here. Fred, he would eat crab every day if he was able to. When I came to him looking for ideas on what to make he suggested crab dip. Go figure.
Crab Dip Ingredients
I haven’t any ideas or recipes that include crab. Fred came to the rescue by using a recipe on the site of his favorite seasoning…Old Bay. He should have industrial size containers the way he goes through that stuff. He’s learned to tamper it in foods I eat.

He’s also great in the kitchen and he taught me how to work with crab. Turns out I’m OCD about certain things. Who knew? When we were sifting through the crab meat to make sure all the tiny shell pieces were taken out, I found I could’ve gone through that stuff all day long finding just one more tiny piece. He finally had to just take the stuff away from me so he could put his recipe together.
Crab Meat
Mixing Dip
Mixing Bowl
He took all of the ingredients and mixed them in the bowl. After he got it ready, he stuck it in the fridge overnight. We had been invited out with friends and were ready for the next day. After church, we headed out to our friend’s and brought the remaining ingredients to cook at their house.

I got distracted after we’d got to our friend’s house, and Fred took it all in stride. He’s the cook in the family, and knows I’m easily distracted. He brought our dish into the kitchen and the next thing I know, our crab dip is ready.
Old Bay Crab Dip
The bowl stayed hot for the length of the party! He was able to cook the dip IN the bowl because it’s safe for the oven, stove, or grill. This is why you could take this bowl to tailgating at a sporting event. You could bring your Wilton Armetale bowl, use your portable grill, and have a dip ready as you hang with your friends rooting on your favorite team!
Tailgating Crab Dip
I’m not a fan of crab dip so I let Fred keep the bowl and the dip after the party. He ate the rest of the leftovers and then made the mistake of putting it in the dishwasher. NOTE: They are NOT dishwasher safe. I didn’t even think about that when he kept it to finish it off. So, when I got it back, it wasn’t a shiny bowl any more. Sad panda. Now I’ll have to use baking soda with water and get it back to it’s gleaming finish.

If you’re a crab dip fan, here’s the recipe:
Crab Dip
Crab Dip Recipe
If you’re up for tailgating be sure to enter this giveaway for a Medium Bowl, Pitcher, Cracker Tray, and Handle Tray.


Maryann D. said...

I would like to have the GRILLWARE 8" SAUTE/FRY PAN.
twinkle at optonline dot net

Darlene said...

I would love to have the UNIV OF ARKANSAS SIZZLE SKILLET

PennySss said...

I would love to have the Hope Small Bread Tray.

Terra Heck said...

I'd like to have the Grillware Deep Dish Sizzle Skillet. Thanks.

scottsgal said...

I'd like the grillware crock - great for grilling veggies

ken ohl said...

University of Wisconsin Chip and Dip Set. Thankyou, Ken

jbmthill said...

would love the grillware chilipot!

Michele said...

The University of Alabama Chili Pot is pretty awesome!

MELINA said...

I would like to have GRILLWARE 2 QT PITCHER

Teresa Thompson said...

I like the Anemone Bowl.

Anonymous said...

yum! love the bowl and the dip.

Rachel R. said...

I love a ton of the things Wilton Armitale makes - I love that they're so beautiful AND functional. But if I have to pick ONE -- the Grillware Chili Pot.

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