Monday, September 22, 2014

Watching The Minnesota Twins at Camden Yards

Every year for the past 7 years I’ve taken one or both of my boys to a Minnesota Twins baseball game. We used to get THE best seats at the Metrodome. I’d get family seating and on a kids day. The tickets were about $20 each and included a pop and hotdog. On kids day the boys would either get a jersey or baseball bat for free! It was awesome.

Our seats were always in center outfield right behind Denard Span (who’s now a Washington Nationals player!). The seats would be a handful of rows up from the field. These were the “cheap” seats. We loved those seats! We weren’t up in the nose bleed sections, we could see the entire game, and were up close with Span’s plays. We didn’t care that our seats weren’t behind home plate. We were just happy to be at the games.

Then they built Target Field, the new open stadium for the Twins. Everyone loves it. We loved it, but miss our old seats. They’re no longer available because it’s open  with signage behind center outfield. I won tickets once and sat just behind 1st base a few rows from the field. Other times we sat super high, one time just one row down from the top. THAT kind of freaked me out being so high. It was also where families with babies and little kids were so they were up and down, in and out constantly. No way was I getting those seats again.

Boys at Twins Game

Then we moved. UGH! How were we going to see the Twins? Turns out they’re in the same league as the Baltimore Orioles. That meant if we wanted to see our Twins we’d have to go to Camden Yards.

I got tickets for all of us to go to the game at the end of August. I went through StubHub, which I had never done before. I’m always leery about buying something like that. I asked people on Facebook of their experiences using it, and it was all positive. The boys’ seats were 2 rows down from us and several seats over.

Joe Mauer

Going to the game, the 3 of us wore Twins jerseys. I was a bit nervous about how we’d be received since we were at the home team’s field and the O’s were trying to clinch a spot in the Playoffs. Baltimore is a really tough city. Would that spill over to the baseball game?

As soon as we sat down, I leaned over to the lady next to me and apologized ahead of time because I tend to yell at sporting events. She said she was totally fine with it because she’d be yelling for her team, too. Whew, ok! I looked around the sea of orange and found several Twins jerseys.

Twins vs Orioles

The game didn’t go so great. We’ve never seen a grand slam before, but had the opportunity at this game. Unfortunately it was by the Orioles. So disappointing. The Twins did come back with a homerun, but it wasn’t enough to make an impact on the end score.

Let me tell you, when the Twins got that homerun, I stood up yelling and pretending to Hi-5 Twins fans around me like I’d do back home. lol Now, by this point, I’ve made friendly with the people around us. They were harassing me and I was harassing back. It was good, clean fun! Made the game more fun! All of the Orioles fans we ran into were super nice to me and the boys (and Fred who wasn’t wearing Twins gear).

We didn’t win by any stretch of the imagination, but it was so fantastic to see our team. The boys were able to go with their older sister last year when they went home to visit in July. That means the boys haven’t missed a year yet. So, I’ve got a goal. Whether they’re here in Maryland or back home in Minnesota, they will get to see a Twins game. Buddy is growing out of the free gear, but Doodle isn’t. I’ll have to start planning in the early spring next year! lol

Do you love baseball? Who do you root for?


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