Monday, October 27, 2014

It’s a Minted Holiday #HollyJollyHoliday

We know it’s coming to be that time of the year. It’s time to start thinking about the holidays. One of the most important things for me at Christmas is the personalization of cards. The cards that I personalize are what I send as a newsletter to all the people who are closest to us. I’ve done this for years and I want our close friends to keep up with us now more than ever since we’re so far away from them.

This year, I decided to go with a A Very Merry Christmas Holiday Booklette™ Card from Minted. What’s important to me in our card/newsletter is obviously the photos and what we share about our year. So, instead of writing out what we’ve done and trying to fit a bunch of photos on an 8x11 sheet of paper, I can share it in a beautiful collage with the Booklette.
Front of Card
My first step is talking to both of my girls and seeing what they want me to share from their past year. I filled it in with what I thought they’d want me to share, but I want it to be their words. Being with the boys I know what goes on in their day to day life. They’re the easy ones. Being so far away from my girls is tough. I don’t know the highlights of what’s going on, even though we all talk regularly. It’s different than when they were little, you know?
Baby inside card

Smooch inside card
Us inside card
The Booklette gives me the option of dedicating each page to the kids. The girls, because they’re doing so much more than I am or the boys are, got to fully enjoy a page. The boys and I shared a page. We lead boring lives. The GREAT part of making these booklets is the layout options. THAT’S what makes Minted stand out from the rest. You can choose to have writing on both sides, images on both sides, writing on either side, a separated list of writing, and the list literally goes on. And yes, I know there are two pictures in there twice, but I’ve fixed that before we send it out. Have no fear.

Not only do we love to share what’s going on in our lives, we like to exchange ornaments. I’ve given the kids ornaments every single year of their lives. They’re ornaments that are always meaningful to each of the kids and what their lives have been like the past year. So, in keeping with the spirit of things, I made ornaments as well! Woo hoo Have I mentioned my oldest daughter is already playing Christmas music?
Holiday OrnamentHoliday Ornament Back

How cute is that? They also come with strings to hand them from a tree. Just like the Booklettes, these are very easy to personalize and have lots of options! I just can’t get enough with all of the options of designs, colors, images, and wording! Yes, I could spend all day there, just like Pinterest!

Now, keep an eye out because come November, we’ll be giving away a gift certificate to giveaway with our Holly Jolly Gift Guide Giveaway! Head over to the site and start finding what you’d love to get if you win! And while you're getting ideas, visit Kay to find out what cake plate I'm in love with!

Have you created your holiday cards yet?


Liz Mays said...

I'm probably not sending them this year, but I totally love how you can add some details and story with these! Happy Monday, my dear friend!

Whitney J. said...

Oh Mimi I love it! I have not done our cards yet but I keep thinking about it. I really need to get on the ball! I love how you personalized it with important events from the past year. <3

Avry said...

I am old fashioned and send out around 100 cards every year! I love doing them and receiving them! I have ordered from Minted before and love their stuff. These would be a great grandparents gift also!

Mimi N said...

Sorry Diane. I accidentally deleted your comment and there's no way to retrieve it. =/ I copied it from my email though. =)

Dianne Hall has left a new comment on your post "It’s a Minted Holiday #HollyJollyHoliday":

No I haven't but I need to. Minted has the cutest cards!

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