Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday–Hugging My Home

Last week I was really missing my home, my house. There’s always an underlying missing of my family and friends back in Minnesota. It’s something that will probably never go away. It became home to me.

Well, last week I was actually missing my house. It was a good house. We all had our own bedrooms. It was yellow, my favorite color for a house. There was a really large yard where all the kids would come lay. I was within 10 minutes of all of my friends, church, and the schools. I had my much loved perennial garden, veggie garden, and berries.

In the circle of trees there was a fire pit and we’d roast marshmallows. Sometimes I would just sit out there reading a book. My porch had an adirondack bench and I’d also spend time reading out there in the warm weather. I remember Doodle spending time in the summer reading to me out there.

Oh, and I had a garage. It’s so nice when the weather is yucky to have a garage to walk into instead of the weather outside. I miss that. Have I mentioned the house I’m currently living in would fit in my garage? Yea, it’s that small.

I loved all of the closets. The bathroom downstairs had two closets! The bathrooms had counters. Sigh…a bathroom counter sounds so fabulous right now. There’s a pedestal sink and a Sauder type cupboard in the bathroom. It’s also where we keep the cat litter box. In our Minnesota house, we had a cat litter room. lol

In missing all of that, I shared basically the same thing, in less words, on Facebook. My best friend saw what I shared and guess what she did? She drove out to my house and hugged it for me! THAT’S a BFF!

LP Hugging House

I just LOVE her!

I wonder what our renters thought. lol

What would your BFF do for you?


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