Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10 Things I Love About Football

Well, I love football. More importantly, I love the Minnesota Vikings. Now, I know they're not a very good team. They've got a lot of issues on and off the field, but Vikings fans are loyal to a fault. I remember going to work, back in Minnesota and talking to the guys about the games and the players. It was SO much fun!

Now I'm in Maryland, and I can't watch my team. =( They're not in the same division as any of the teams around here. So sad. I do keep up with the scores on game day using Facebook,, and Twitter. It's still not the same.

The fall before we moved, three years ago now, our church was signed up to send out emails to people for discounted Vikings tickets. It was the only pro football game my boys had ever been to. It was a blast! Now they're building a new stadium, and it's going to look like a viking ship. Actually it looks somewhat like an ark! When we were back in MN last July, and was left wow-ed by it.

So, here are the 10 things I love about football:

1. The yelling! I'm very vocal during games! Lots of yelling and telling the players what they're doing wrong. My kids would get so annoyed with me. They'll understand one day!

2. Pride in our home team. It doesn't matter if we have the worst record, we love our Vikes!

3. Camaraderie. I'd imagine this would be the same for any sports fans. Cheering, together!

4. Hanging out with friends! What could be more fun during a game than being with friends?

5. Talking about the game after it's over. Rehashing the plays just extends the game's fun.

6. Harassing people I know who like the other team. It's all in good fun!

7. Wearing purple and gold. Yes, as you can see above, I do have gold jeans! BOOM!

8. Chatting on social media about the game. It's a blast to be on Twitter during game day!

9. Fantasy football. So, this technically isn't football, but I played once and won! I like the strategy behind it, and my oldest daughter is playing this year for the first time.

10. Being able to say Skol Vikings. Skol basically is a Danish/Norwegian/Swedish word for "cheers," or "good health," a salute or a toast, as to an admired person or group.

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Writing Prompts:

1. 10 Things you love about football.
2. 10 Things you don’t love about football.
3. Write a blog post inspired by the word: fate
4. Something funny your child said.
5. You won an award at some point in your life…what was it for?
6. Coffee Talk! Share your first pumpkin spice latte of the season with us.
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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I'm not much of a football fan, but some teams just seem to have the best fans, you know? I think the sports teams that I've gotten the closest to enjoying were because I knew and loved other fans. Perhaps the best thing about football is when a team has a terrific fan following or when you can enjoy the game with great people.

John Holton said...

Maybe because I love baseball so much I don't like football.

Kimberly said...

See I have to blame my husband for trying to teach me the ins and outs of football by watching the Detroit Lions. I mean, they've sucked since the beginning of time. And because of that, I just can't watch it.
I do enjoy my free time though when he's in the basement screaming and crying at the tv -- It's never a good day on Sunday in our house. Stupid Lions.
Love the pants and your loyalty!!

Trudy said...

Great list! I laughed at #1. I lived in Tennessee for a few years and got caught up in college football fever. Go VOLS! There were times I knelt in front of the TV, shouting so loud the dog responded by running around the house, barking. My husband wondered, "Who are you???"

We moved in 2007 and I think I've only watched football once since then. Can't seem to part with my orange TN VOLS shirt, though.

Unknown said...

I don't know anything about football. I went to Auburn though, and they're football CRAZY, and we moved to London a few years ago and these people? These people put crazy southern football fanatics TO SHAME!!! Except they're all riled up about soccer. But it's CRAZY how loud and vocal they are!! LOVE IT.

KatBouska said...

I love people who have pride in their local teams through the rocky years. You guys are going to be the die hards who fill the stadiums when they win a Superbowl!

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