Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Peru: I Had To Go Back

Two summers ago I went to Peru for the first time. I had never been there, and never had a thought of ever even going there. I'd never even considered a mission trip, and had no idea what to expect. It was amazing, and life changing, but the thought of flying on a plane for that long again was not appealing. I didn't think I could do it. Thanks to my bff, she suggested some medication, and it worked like a charm!

Last winter, Fred told me he signed us both up to go back to Peru. I told him several times that I just didn't think I could get back on a plane. Two flights there, two flights back. I loved the work we did in Peru, but flying, not so much. Unless you've experienced this type of anxiety and fear, it's hard to explain. I honestly didn't think the medication would be much help.

By faith, I agreed to go, and I got the medication for flying. On top of that, instead of asking for gifts at our wedding, we asked people to contribute to our trip. We had all of our funding with our wedding gifts, and we were set to go.

We had a team of 11 heading down, and only one other guy had gone with Fred & I before. We had one of our pastors and his wife, myself & Fred, a father & daughter, a single, a married woman, a single guy, and another married couple.

Tammy, Frieda, Denny, Denise, Caillie, and Molly

I actually didn't know any of these people very well. Most I'd only seen in the mission trip meetings. Obviously I knew the pastor and his wife, but not personally. The single guy had spent a week with us in Peru, but we hadn't chatted much since then. You never know what your team will be like until you're all bunched together.

Once again, God did His thing, and brought together an amazing group! We got up super early Saturday morning to head to the airport. I think I'd only slept about 4 hours the night before. I took the medication as we got to the airport, another half while I was sitting waiting, and I think another one as I got on the plane. I honestly don't remember. I slept from Baltimore to Dallas. I tried to conjure up the the anxiety, just to see what I'd feel as we were taking off, and it wasn't at all like it had been for years. I still wasn't thrilled with going up in a plane, but I wasn't freaking out, and coming unglued.

We headed out from Dallas in the afternoon, and once again, I slept off and on for the next 7 hours. The only bad part, which I didn't realize until later, is that I didn't walk, which meant swollen swollen calves and ankles for a day and a half. Note to self, walk walk walk while on a plane for more than a couple of hours!

Molly playing with the lady's (near the window) baby.

We got into Lima Peru around 10:30pm CT, and made it to our host's home about an hour later. Needless to say, we were all exhausted, and we were ready to fall right into bed, once we found our rooms. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised we weren't sleeping on a floor for an entire week. We were told only a few days before the trip that we weren't going to be staying in a hotel, but at one of the pastor's houses. Fred and I thought, we're going to Lima, Peru, we've seen the homes down there, he's a pastor, no way will he be able to host 11 people. God is so great at surprises! Shoot! I just realized I never took a picture of our room! I'll have to get one.

Here's one of the first glimpses we had of where we were staying. This spot was absolutely magical (in a totally Christian, non-magical way)!

I'm planning on sharing about our days that we spent in Peru over the next several days. You watch. It'll turn into a week or two, but what can I say. I get distracted!


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