Thursday, February 18, 2016

For The Love Of Coffee

I like coffee.

Once a day.

In the morning.

I became a latte drinking back in the late 90s in suburbs of Seattle. My mom got me my first espresso maker probably in 97 so I could make drinks at home and save money. I used that thing for years. I still have it. I have never made a pot of coffee, and drank all of it. A pot would've lasted me an entire week!

Miracle of miracles, the Keurig was created! My first one was given to me by my parents! It was one of the best gifts ever! I didn't always drink coffee in the morning. It was just an occasional treat I'd have at home. When I met Fred, he sent me a care package of coffee and a reusable k-cup. He hated the idea of me wasting money on the throwaway k-cups.

Now, Fred and I are married, and I still have my morning coffee. I actually have coffee with my creamer since I'm more of a creamer flavor kind of gal as opposed to a strong coffee taste.

Mornings can be rather amusing between Fred and I. He and I race to see who's going to make my coffee in the morning. Lately, he's been winning. I get started with work, and the next thing I know, he's handing me a cup of coffee. It's a single serving, but he uses the Chemex. That means he puts a lot more work (aka love) into my coffee than I do with my Keurig.

I sometimes can sneak over to my Keurig, but he always seems to hear me plug it in, and comes up right behind me to unplug it. I'm very thankful for my daily, morning blessing. What would I do without my guy?

I could write numerous posts on the topic of coffee, including my coffee cup collection from Starbucks. =)

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gin said...

Fred is sweet! I do not and have never drank coffee. I don't know why since I grew up with coffee as a must have in the house for everyone else.

Morgan Cartwright said...

The coffee cups from the Starbucks are so much fun.

Madamdreamweaver said...

I like my coffee with creamer, too. My favorite is peppermint at christmas time. It's funny--i can't stand eating peppermints, but I like the flavor in my coffee.
Do you Google+? There's a nice coffee community I belong to there called, "My Coffee Addiction." (It's strictly & cleanly run by the owner.) If you & your Hubby are interested, here's the link:

John Holton said...

As often as I've been to Starbucks, I've never bought one of their cups. Weird, huh?

Christy said...

cute cups! I love having assorted coffee cups to drink my cuppa out of every day.

KatBouska said...

Starbucks mugs are the best! I love my coffee with creamer every morning too and they ARE fun to make!

Lynne said...

I don't think I have a mug from Starbucks, but I do always covet them when I go in. : ) I think they tend to have very lovely shapes, and to just feel good in your hand. My most recent addition to my mug collection was a gift from my husband for Christmas - a clear glass mug with the chemical structure for caffeine on it, in green. I love it. I also have a reusable K-cup for the Keurig, because I feel badly about the environmental waste of the K cups. I have found some environmentally friendly K cups at a company called Rogers Family Gourmet Coffee and Tea - very nice.

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