Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fudge & Dogs Don't Mix

So, as you saw from my post the other day, I made some white chocolate fudge for Valentine's Day! I was pretty thrilled about it all. It was more chocolatey than fudgy, but I guess that's ok. Two of the guys in the family were on board with it! lol

We got our evening finished, after I took photos of the fudge for my Hallmark Channel blog post. I headed upstairs to get my post created. No big deal, right? Just sat in bed, cuddled with the dog that isn't supposed to be in our bed. Got my post published, and off to bed we went.

Typical kind of night in our home.

Now, let me preface the next part by saying, We never really have food sitting on the counter. The only thing that typically sits out is bread and/or fruit. Nothing else is really left out.

On school days, I usually wake up around 6am. I then get my high schooler up, and head downstairs to get his lunch ready. I headed downstairs and noticed an empty plate. There was a little confusion. For real, when I saw the plate, it pretty much confirmed my belief that I'm losing my mind. lol

Trying to replay the night before, I walked around the kitchen looking in the cupboards hoping to remember where I'd put the fudge. Did I put it in one of the cupboards? Maybe the fridge? I even checked one of the cupboard that I thought maybe I was so tired I popped them in there.

Then I thought, "oh, maybe when Fred let the dog out before coming to bed, he saw he fudge and put it away." hahahahahaha I cracked up after that, because he wouldn't have done that. I amuse myself sometimes.

That left only one answer...Peru. But there was no evidence. There were crumbs on the floor or any fudge left on the plate. I mean, she wouldn't have eaten it ALL. It couldn't have been the dog. Figured it was time to go ask the hubby what he did with the 6am!

I asked Fred what he did with the fudge, and his answer? "Nothing." For a second, I honestly thought I'd misplaced the fudge. More like a nanosecond. Then it became clear. It had to have been the dog.

For a moment, I was nervous about the dog getting sick on fudge, but thankfully, it was "only" white chocolate, which contains a minute amount of actual chocolate. The main problem was, she ate a POUND AND A HALF of fudge! This is a dog that only eats dog food, and occasionally an apple or handful of carrots. I likened it to a vegetarian eating a burger. The belly wasn't going to handle it well.

I noticed after I got back downstairs that her water bowl was empty. I filled it up, and she sucked down the entire bowl. That all came up about 15 minutes later. Don't read the next part if you're easily grossed out.

Peru had to be let out about every 15 minutes. She had diarrhea to end all diarrheas. You've heard of projectile vomiting? She was projectile diarrheaing. I'm not kidding. The first time she went, I yelled to Fred because it was hysterical.

She pretty much spent the entire day outside either relieving herself or inside puking. It was a grand old day.

I'm happy to say, after that day, she's been much better. I've also learned a lesson, not to leave food out for her to get at. It was after all, my mistake.

Have you ever had a pet gorge on something they shouldn't have?


Linda Kish said...

All of the time...most recently it was an entire bunch of bananas (just two days ago). She scours the kitchen to see what she can reach. That's our Basset Hound.
The Bull Mastiff ate a dozen doughnuts recently, too. We have to put things inside the microwave to hide them.

scottsgal said...

Mix up and feed her ground beef and rice for a couple days to give her poor tummy a rest. Plus the rice will help her firm back up. I have 3 food motivated dogs and they've gotten into stuff over the years as well.

gin said...

Aww, sweet Peru. Glad she wasn't any sicker than puking and diarrhea . It is funny, she must have been up on the counter.

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