Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Wreath

For Valentine's Day, I have become one of those people who is totally fine not exchanging gifts. I don't need any new bling. Don't spend money on balloons because they're a waste of money unless it's someone's birthday. I like chocolate. I always like chocolate, but the way I've been feeling for quite a while, the last thing I need is for my husband to give me a gift that makes me feel fat. HA! Flowers are nice. I love flowers, but not the $60 kind you order, and they last a week. Run by the grocery store, grab me the $5 bouquet, and I'll be swooning! Truly. Those make me happy.

Now, those things I just mentioned, my man knows these things. The training process is working! So, on Friday, while in the middle of a sorta work call, UPS shows up at my door with a box that says "ProPlants." Oh for goodness sakes, really? I'm pretty sure I had mentioned to him that I didn't want flowers. You know, just as a reminder.

He comes downstairs defending himself with, "I didn't get you flowers." Dude! I'm looking at the box right there! I brought it in. It says PROPLANTS! Just because he was telling me they weren't flowers didn't mean that they magically weren't going to be flowers when he opened the dang box.

Ok, so he opened the box, and they weren't flowers.

My bad.

Well, technically they kind of were flowers, but not flowers to put in a vase. He did GOOD! He got me something he knows I love!! He got me a wreath. There's something about wreaths that I love. They make the entry to a home look so inviting and welcoming.

So he opened the box, and plopped it next to me during my call. I was stunned to see it! There are so many colors, and it had a very light fragrance. I wasn't the only one interested in what the UPS man delivered. This next photo is blurry, but shows how nosy Peru was about what was in the box.

As soon as my call was finished, I ran up to my holiday closet and pulled out the wreath hook that I had used for Christmas. On a side note, when we were finishing our home, I had tried calling the painter three times because I wanted a red front door. He never returned any of my calls and we ended up with a black door. My initial reaction was NOT a good one to say the least.

That being said, I've actually loved it as a background to our wreaths. Do I still wish I had a red door? Yes, definitely, but I'm fine with this black one...as long as there's a wreath. =)

Doesn't it look great? I have no idea if it's hanging the right way. I went to their site to see which way it should go, not that there's any "right" way, but I just thought I'd check.

I'm hoping this gorgeous wreath will last for 2-3 months. A year ago I had a wreath for Christmas, and it lasted several months. I loved walking in the front door because it had such an amazing fragrance that stuck around until I threw it out. I hope this one lasts well into spring!

What is your favorite Valentine's Day gift that you ever received?


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