Sunday, June 5, 2016

Comfort In The Great Outdoors

Summer is almost here! Just a few days away, even though for most people, summer has already started with the great weather, and the Memorial Weekend behind us. My boys still have a week of school left believe it or not! They're ready to relax.

One of the traditions all of my kids have had is going to Camp Shamineau in the summer. I remember very clearly the first time I took my oldest daughter. She went with a girl who became her best friend. Now, even though we live in Maryland, last year and this year, my youngest son is going again! He absolutely loves the experience.

Knowing he was heading to camp I reached out to Cascade Designs because they have great brands that are part of their company, which are perfect for spending time outdoors! They sent me a Therm-a-Rest Compression Pillow and two PackTowl Luxe Towels for review!

Let's start with the Therm-a-Rest Camp Head pillow. These pillows come in a variety of colors and sizes. It being a compression pillow, it rolls up into a small roll so it's easy to take with you wherever your journey takes you. This pillow is going to see a lot of mileage in the coming months. Traveling to Minnesota not once, but twice. Once is a plane ride and the other is driving for two days. Next month the youngest heads to camp for a week so he'll be able to rest in comfort. Then we head to Peru in October.

While we're in Minnesota in July, we might be staying at a friend's cabin, and that's where our PackTowl towels will be coming in handy! We'll be staying on a lake that's pretty rustic. They'll make their first trip up to camp with the youngest the first week. He'll have a hand towel and a body towel.

Each of the towels has a snap loop on them so he can hang it on the corner of this bunk bed and at the cabin, we can let them try outside on the trees. They also come with a sack to store them. I think once we're all done with our travels, I'll pass them on to my daughter who is constantly traveling. She just got back from a month backpacking through Central America.

When we head to Peru, the pillow will be great for the 8 hour flight. We'll be staying in a home for missionaries, and it will be really nice to have our own towels. Nothing wrong with the ones they provide, it'll just be nice to have ones that we can take with us, and can fit into a little travel bag.

We're really looking forward to all of our adventures that are ahead of us!

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Where are you traveling to this summer?


Anonymous said...

I will be traveling to Vegas. :)

Unknown said...

I travel to go see my husband who has to work out of town. these are very cool

Marti Tabora said...

I'm going to the Caribbean in September and would love to take some of these with me. The towels seem really great. Thanks for sharing.

sfzphd said...

I'm hoping we get a vacation, but we most likely will just be road tripping it from virginia to florida since we are moving there

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