Sunday, August 14, 2016

Disney's Pete's Dragon

Now, I know over the past couple months I've encouraged you guys to get out there and see Pete's Dragon when it came into theaters August 12th. I went to see it with my hubster & boys this weekend, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find the right words to explain how you need to go see this movie!

When I was a little girl and saw the original Pete's Dragon, I was 8 yrs old, and hoped that Elliot would come live with me next. I was going through a lot back then, and thought a dragon only visible to me would be an amazing comfort!

Can I be honest here, as soon as the movie started and the audience is introduced to Elliot, I started crying. hahaha Pitiful I know, but I think I could still use an Elliot sometimes.

From beginning to end, this movie was wonderful. There wasn't a lull in the storyline, and the acting was terrific! I absolutely loved Elliot in this movie. I was glad they decided to go with a fuzzy Elliot instead of one with scales. He was extremely lovable!

Pete's Dragon is a must see family movie! If you're prone to tears at sweet movies, bring a tissue or two. I cried at the end and so did my husband! Neither of my boys cried, but they don't really count. hahaha They're 17 and 13. Silly non-crying boys. What do they know anyhow? hahahaha

If you have really little ones, I'd say under 5, I'd see the movie first before taking them. I know some kids that young might get scared during movies, but every child is different. It's not a scary movie, it's just how kids understand things and process what they see in their minds.

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In the meantime, watch these two funny videos starring Bryce Dallas Howard!


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