Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting Ready To Go To College With Groupon

This year I have two kids going to college. My second daughter is finishing her last semester of college, and my oldest son is is doing his senior year of high school and taking college classes for the first time! Life is just crazy for my kids.

Having three kids in school, kids who are older, means the "back to school" supplies are a LOT different than what kids in elementary school need. Everything just gets more expensive. My daughter has been messaging me that she needs a laptop. Trying to figure out how to fit that into my budget, I visited Groupon to see what goods they might have for back-to-school.

I was so surprised to see things that my older kids could definitely use, including a refurbished laptop! Can you believe the deal they have? I shared it with my daughter to see if she wanted us to get it for her. She starts her semester in a couple weeks.

We're not exactly sure what Buddy will need for his college courses he'll be taking. He goes to the community college open house tomorrow afternoon, and we'll go from there to get him what he needs before his classes start!

I have no doubt most of his needs will be tech based. I'm also looking ahead to what he'll need next year if he heads off to a four year college. Thankfully Groupon has such a long list of goods, we should be able to stock up and be ready for when the big day comes!

What's been your best find on Groupon?


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