Monday, August 1, 2016

U.S. Bank Stadium Tour

Last weekend before the boys and I drove home from Minnesota we got to tour the new Vikings Stadium, which is called the U.S. Bank Stadium. It's also where the Super Bowl LII will be held! My daughter, Sarah, got tickets for her boys and the three of us to go take a tour through the stadium! I was pretty excited. Now, when I heard, "Oh I got tickets for all of us! We're taking a tour!" my first thought was that we were going to get a tour in a small group.

Oh ho ho ho I couldn't have been more wrong. When we showed up, I'm pretty sure half of Minneapolis was there as well! hahahaha So very naive I was. Sarah and I just jumped in the throng of lines to get through the security check and get inside the stadium.

Once we got inside, it wasn't really a "tour." It was just everyone walking around taking selfies. We didn't learn anything about the stadium. We worked our way over to the escalators, and ended up like cattle going up about 3 floors only to have to walk around what felt like half the stadium to find the escalators to go down.

There wasn't anything to do. Sarah had thought there'd be activities for kids and fun stuff, but there wasn't anything. Don't get me wrong, it was cool to be in the brand new stadium since I have no idea if or when we'd ever get back there again. In the 15 yrs I'd lived in Minnesota, we only got to one Vikings game, it was pre-season, and it was in year 15 that the boys and I went. lol Games were just so outrageously expensive, a single mom can't afford to go to something like that. Well, I'm sure it's even less accessible now to those who don't have a money tree growing in their backyard.

We got back to the main level with the idea that we were just going to head out. That's when they opened the seats for everyone to be able to sit in. As soon as we sat down, I heard this crazy noise. I said to Sarah, "Listen...that's rain!" We were facing the windows and all you saw was gray. It was absolutely pouring outside. Definitely NOT what we needed because the boys and I were scheduled to head out of town right as the rain started. UGH!

Sarah had gotten the tickets for 10am, and I had actually hoped to leave around 8am to be on the road because with two stops ahead of us, the boys and I had a long day of driving to get to OH! I almost passed on the whole experience, but I'm glad we went. We all sat in the stadium seats for nearly half an hour before it seemed to be letting up a little bit. We could actually see buildings through the windows with the rain letting up.

The boys and I had to get on the road so we chanced heading out into the rain. It had actually let up considerably, and we weren't parked "too" far away. There's a really cool sail with the Vikings design on it in front of the stadium, but it was raining enough that we weren't able to get a photo with it. Hopefully next time.

As crazy as the experience was, we had fun, and it WAS an experience! lol One day I hope we get to a game. It'll have to be that "one day" when we've finally moved back.

What stadium do you love watching your favorite sport in?


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