Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Time To Workout: I Joined A Gym!

About a week and a half ago I joined a gym. Went in on a Saturday morning, dropped down my money and walked away...pondering my next move. I was so busy over the next few days, I didn't even consider going in to workout.

I had an appointment set up to see a trainer on Tuesday, and I think it was the day before she called me to see how I was doing and to confirm our appointment. I had no idea what to expect with her. It's just a courtesy meeting the gym sets up. The day we were supposed to get together, she had to cancel because something came up. No sweat, literally, we just moved it to Friday. Problem was, I didn't have any time to get into the gym until our next appointment.

Let me back up about a month...maybe more. When I first met with the gym manager, it was as a blogger, hoping to work with them and blog for them. Unfortunately, they don't do those kinds of partnerships. Bummer, but ok. He seemed very personable, and happy to show me all around the gym. They've got a lot, I have to say that for them. Sadly, staying in touch with him after that wasn't very easy. In fact after 3 follow up emails, I only heard from him once. I wasn't going to base the gym on one person, even if it was the manager.

I went in to meet with the trainer, and it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Well, I didn't know what I was expecting, but I think I had something else in mind. She asked me what my goals were. Basically I want to fit into my clothing again. I don't have a number in mind that I want to weigh. Fitting in my clothing will be a good plumb for me. I just want to feel healthy.

Then she started talking to me about my diet; what's good for me, what's bad for me. Don't eat lots of greasy food, eat lots of vegetables. Yep, I think most of us really know this, right? Again, still trying to figure out what we were doing. She was super nice, adorable.

Knowing that I'm not confident on using the cardio machines, I asked her if she could show me how to use them. She said she would, but seemed somewhat hesitant about it. Turned out she wasn't exactly sure how some of the machines worked. Bummer! Anyhow, the meeting was over in less than 30 minutes.

One other tidbit she showed me was the cost of hiring a trainer. It ain't cheap folks! The smallest option is 5 - 50 minute sessions for $425.00! That's $85/session. I mean, It's not "bad" if you have that kind of money sitting around. The cheapest option is at $68/session, but you either have to sign up for 3x/week for 2 months or 24 customized 50 minute sessions. Needless to say, I'll be sticking with the classes for now.

My plan was to get into a class the next week no matter what. I had to start somewhere and it had to be soon! Oh, and I had to get something to work out in because my pajamas just weren't going to cut it.

Have you ever joined a gym? How did it go?


Terra Heck said...

I just recently started taking exercise classes with NuFit. So far, I love it. And I loathe exercise with a passion. The trainers are awesome and I can work at my beginner pace while also being taught proper form. This is the first time I've been excited about exercising and the first time I felt the trainers genuinely cared.

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