Friday, March 31, 2017

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament For Spring Break

Do you have plans for spring break this year? I got an email inviting my family to spend an evening with Medieval Times, which I of course replied, "Yes," to! If you're coming to the Maryland area, specifically near Baltimore for spring break, be sure to spend an evening here.

You really can't beat a meal and a show like this. They have special prices for this spring break: $37.95 for adults and $29.05 for students & kids. You have to use the code SB3729 when you place your order. To top it off, they're offering a free Jr. Knights Training & free activity book for children 5-12 yrs old. Now, spots are limited so it's first come first served. The shows available for this are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (April 11-13th).

We've been to this show before and I was so excited to be back. Now, the only "issue" I have with visiting Medieval Times is I want to take pictures of every exciting moment. hahahahaha I want to capture it so I can remember it. You have no idea how much I enjoy this show. I really take the whole experience in.

Our server was a really nice gal! She brought our first course of soup, and it was delicious. I asked the youngest to try a sip, and when he didn't want it I polished it off for him. I'm a helper like that. As we were enjoying the soup the show was starting. We were sitting in the black & white knight's section. Sadly our section wasn't very enthusiastic at first. There were some special guests in two rows of midshipmen and they really got into it. That was fun to watch.

The meal was fantastic! Our server started with me, and reassured me that the dragon leg tasted just like chicken. It took me a second to register that she she'd said the word, "dragon," and that she was just kidding because...a dragon. Then we got a potato and corn added to our large plate! You might not think you'll be full by the time the show is done, but we were stuffed!

The first competition our knight kept winning. That meant he kept giving out carnations! We were in the back so I wasn't worried about him throwing me one. Plus, it makes me feel weird. lol Well, let me just say, our black & white knight was having a good night! He kept getting carnations. At one point my youngest was standing up to try and get a carnation. heh heh heh After one of the last competitions, Fred basically made me stand up. Sure enough, the knight kissed his flower and flung it at me. hahahahaha Oh dear!

Amidst the tournament there were a couple of amazing horsemanship displays. One man came out and his horse pranced, marched, and danced across the field. There was another group that came out and with a light show performed some amazing displays. Just watching those horses makes me long to get back on a horse. I sure do miss my Winston sometimes!

The time started to wind down and the knights challenged each other to a joust. Our black & white knight was the last to come out. He had to compete against one of the knights who had already won once. It was touch and go for a little bit. Just as we were sure our knight was going to win...He was taken out by the other knight. Nooooo! Aw man, we were all so disappointed. lol

We had such a blast at the show. It was a fantastic way to spend the evening with our family. The next time we have my daughters in town I'll have to be sure to take them. My oldest shares a birthday month with me, and you can celebrate your birthday for free at Medieval Times!

Be sure to check out the specials for spring break! You don't want to miss those deep discounts and the kids are going to want to practice being Junior Knights!

Do you have plans for spring break?


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