Saturday, April 22, 2017

ZeroWater For Healthy Drinking Water & Giveaway

I'm not a huge fan of water. I know, I know seems like a strange way to start off a review for a product that has me drinking the stuff. I have to add some clarity to my initial statement. I like water, but I'm particular about it. First it has to be ice cold, and second it has to taste good. When ZeroWater reached out to me, I jumped onboard and you'll understand my reasons why.

I've never really drank much water. Like I said above, it has to be ice cold for me to enjoy it. Since I started working out I've been drinking a bottle of water every day. Now that's something for me! We have well water at our house, but let's just say I'm not a fan. We can get water through our fridge, but our filter needs to be replaced. It's needed to be replaced for probably a year. Since my hubby is the only one who drinks that water now, he's not concerned. Needless to say, I'm not drinking the fridge water.

When I saw that I could test my water with the 12-cup Ready-Pour ZeroWater pitcher, I was thrilled. I've had some concerns about our well water and haven't known what to do about it. I knew that once the water went through the pitcher, I could test it to see if it was safe. We had well water at our house back in MN, too, and I wasn't impressed.

I've been drinking the water from my ZeroWater pitcher for a couple of weeks now, and I'll say it's been great! Of course since it sits in my fridge it's always cold, just like I like it. I grab a cup, take it upstairs to my treadmill, and I'm set for my walking time. It's also been nice that I can take my reusable water bottles with me to the gym again.

Like I said, not liking the well water, I've been using the bottled water for my workouts. Blech! I found it interesting when I put the water in a bottle I'd had for a while and it tasted really strange. I thought the bottle was clean as I hadn't used it in a while and it was just sitting in my cupboard. I was concerned it was the pitcher water. I ended up dumping out the water, yes it tasted that bad. I poured another glass into a different reusable water bottle and it tasted exactly like it should. I can't tell you how much that impressed me. I honestly didn't realize there could be that big of a difference or that it would be so noticeable.

So, how easy is it to use and test? You just fill up the water reservoir and let the water filter through. Once the water has gone through, you fill it again to let it filter through until body is filled with water. The test meter snaps into the lid, which is great for safe keeping! You take a clean glass to put the water into so it can be tested. You push the on button, it reads the water, and it gives you a number. At some point it will get up to 006 and you know it's time to change the filter.

I like that my ZeroWater pitcher also came with a map that shows me what I should expect, for the most part, from the filter. In Maryland, I should be able to get between 25-40 gallons of water! Not bad! Completely worth the cost of a filter. Also, as you can see above, the handle has the spout attached. That makes it easy to tuck it onto a shelf and not have to finagle it to easily dispense the water! It you want it quicker or more at once, you just pull it out and use the tip of the pitcher.

Now you have the opportunity to win the same pitcher as the one I have! a Rafflecopter giveaway


Vickie V said...

Love them all..32 cup dispenser is my favorite.
Would love for my parents who have well water..scares me as they live near dairy and agricultural farms!
Btw..I can't check my Pinterest entry..I follow you on all platforms..I think I entered my Pinterest name wrong and can't correct..I don't want to be Name is floridagld.

scottsgal said...

I like the 12 cup ready pour pitcher - would fit great on our fridge shelf

Unknown said...

I like the 23-Cup Dispenser. I prefer not to get the pitcher out every time I want water.

BethElderton said...

I like the 23 cup dispenser---perfect for easy access.
Mary Beth Elderton

Peggy said...

I like the 12-CUP READY-POUR pitcher. Just the right size.

Marti Tabora said...

I really like the 23 cup dispenser, I think that would be really nice to have. Thank you.

LeAnn Harbert said...

I like the big 32 cup dispenser.

Edye Nicole said...

I like their 12 cup ready pour pitcher.


Petula said...

We drink a lot of water and the 23 cup pitcher would be great for us.... I grew up with well water and I wasn't a fan either.

Maryann D. said...

I do like the ZeroWater® 23 Cup Dispenser, it would be super for a party.
twinkle at optonline dot net

Unknown said...

I like the 23oz cup dispenser. Everyone in my family drinks tons of water so this would be great for us. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

Annmarie Weeks said...

I love the 23-cup dispenser! That would fit right into my fridge so we could always have good water!

Yvonne W. said...

My favorite would be the 23 cup Zero water dispenser!
We drink a lot of water daily.

Jeremy said...

I like the 23 cup dispenser.

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