Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What To Wear To Workout

First off, I want to say, "Don't worry about what you're wearing to the gym!" If you're wanting to go to the gym, but you're thinking you have nothing to wear, it's ok! Really!! At my gym, everyone is dressed differently. Usually just a tank top and leggings will do regardless of what you're doing. The first time I went to Zumba I wore a t-shirt and shorts. I decided I wasn't going to do that again because no one else was dressed like that. So, listen, I get how self conscious we can be. I immediately went out and bought some shirts and leggings.

What I finally came to realize is a couple of things. 1) I'm pretty sure no one in my class pays attention to what other people are wearing. You don't really have time to pay attention. You get into class, do the workout, and everyone leaves. 2) People DO wear t-shirts and shorts. They wear capris, long leggings, shorts, tank tops, sports bras, t-shirts, etc. Not a single person is dressed the same. It is fun to try clothing on though! lol

I would highly suggest NOT going out and buying a wardrobe of activewear. Get a couple of essential pieces only if you don't have anything. If you have shorts, a sports bra, and a t-shirt, you're good to go. I'm not kidding. You don't have to rush out and get the top end workout clothing right away. Heck, you never have to do that.

BUT, if you want to, then I'd do that after you know you're making a serious commitment to the gym. You don't want to buy 5 full outfits, and by February realize you're just not that into it. Give yourself a goal. Maybe you give yourself a variety of goals, ways to congratulate yourself for sticking to it, and also a way of building your wardrobe.

Here are some goal ideas:
Joining the gym: A pair of leggings

RBX Active Women’s Printed Full Length Workout Leggings

Going to the gym for two weeks: Two tank tops

Gaiam Apparel Womens Everly Yoga Tank

prAna Womens Phoebe Top

Trying something new at the gym:  A good water bottle

Nalgene Tritan 24oz On the Fly (OTF) BPA-Free Water Bottle

Visiting the gym for a month: A good pair of shoes

Nike Women's Flex Supreme TR 4 Cross Trainer

Staying committed for two months: A gym bag

Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Medium Duffle Bag

Keeping at it for six months: A fitness tracker
Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband (this is the one I currently have & love)

Other things to consider for rewards:

1. T-shirt RBX Active Women's Plus Size Yoga Printed Workout Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee Shirt
2. Gym towels: PREMIUM Microfiber Gym Towel Set (3 Pack)
3. A pack of socks: Prince Womens No Show Performance Socks
4. Sports bra: Women's High Impact Support Bounce Control Plus Size Workout Sports Bra 
5. Yoga mat: Yoga Mat, with Carrying Travel Bag and Strap 2/5” Thickness(72”x24”)
6. Headphones: Wireless Bluetooth Sweatproof In-Ear Sports Headphones with Microphone 
7. Wrist/Ankle Weights: Reehut Ankle Weights, Durable Wrist Weight 
8. Boxing gloves: Everlast Women's Pro Style Training Gloves
9. Smartphone arm band: VUP Running Armband
10. Pullover: MOOSUNGEEK Women's Cowl Neck Pullover 

Fitness Goal Rewards


Unknown said...

oh Mimi, this is such a great idea! I was afraid about having to go buy an entire wardrobe because people at the gym might be fully dressed in nice gym outfits lol., I love the reward system and will definitely be giving it a try!

Gianna Blake said...

It is important to pick up right pair of fitness gear so that your fitness sessions become even easier and fun. I truly like to experiment with the morning yoga looks and I like to invest the in high quality stuff. The Carbon38 Workout Clothes are my all time favorite.

Seigle, Lucy said...
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