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Archangel: The Last Patriots By Joel & Esther Ribbey

Archangel: The Last Patriots
by Joel & Esther Ribbey
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishers
ISBN: 978-1647736767

So, when I was in MN earlier in April, I received a message from the Ribbey's asking me if I would review their book. Here's the thing, when I used to live in MN and thoughts of having to consider what I'd ever do if we were ever invaded by another country and my first thought was, we would head to Northern MN. A lot of wilderness up there my friends. Unfortunately, dealing with the harsh winter elements has never been appealing. So, this story was something that seriously piqued my interest and they sent me the book for review.





They've done their best to be at peace with all men... but peace has been rejected. 

Against impossible odds. On the darkest of nights. When all hope is lost. 

One truth remains.


My Review:

Have you ever seen Red Dawn? Didja like it? If so, then Archangel: The Last Patriots is one you won't want to miss! I would start off by saying this is a futuristic look at what America might look like if we were ever invaded to the point where we were taken over as a country.

That being said, this story starts off with a literal bang. Actually lots of bangs. The Reddings are on the run from The Chinese who have invaded the eastern shores of the US. Their goal is to make it as far north as possible while staying alive and avoiding capture. Unfortunately, it's the end of fall and heading towards winter so weather conditions are the best for their move.

With everything going on in our world, something like this isn't too hard to imagine. Civil war dividing our country more than it already isn't doesn't seem impossible these days which just breaks my heart. With our defenses shattered and people against each other, the loss of control of our country (as portrayed in Archangel) seems like it could be a reality.

I feel like this story is a cold splash in the face. Are we willing to wake up and see that we're stronger together even with our differences, or are we willing to have our "right", whatever that is, to the point of tearing our country apart so much that we're weakened to the point of being invaded and being literally forced into circumstances that we're not prepared for?

Following the Reddings as they head into the wilderness, I'm painfully aware of how unprepared my family would be for any sort of survival situation. Not that I think we should all rush out and learn how to survive in the wilderness, but it's honestly something I've given thought to in the past.

The story was very emotional because the majority of the characters in the story are teens or preteens. I would definitely want to be like the mom, Sara. She was always so clear headed when doing what was needed.

Now, I know that there are people who won't care for the amount of violence that's in this story. And I get it. Keep in mind though that this IS a story about survival. Survival - from people who would shoot you just as much as make you a prisoner just for being American. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but as we've seen other countries invaded and people being killed simply for existing, this is always a possibility.

A very riveting read and it'll definitely make you think!

About the Authors:

Joel and Esther Ribbey enjoy combining Joel’s combat veteran experiences with their passions for their family and the outdoors in their writing. The Ribbeys are living out their own story with their four children in rural Minnesota on their small farm and out in the woods hunting, fishing, trapping and inspiring other families to get outdoors together. Learn more about the Ribbeys and their books at


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