Sunday, May 2, 2021

Bookish Gifts For Mother's Day

I'm not an affiliate for any of these products, but I am a rep for Once Upon a Page Designs. Other than that, no kick backs for this mama.

First, let's check out Once Upon a Page Designs! She has the CUTEST bookish items. Everything from planters to large wreaths. So, whether your mom (or the mom in your life) loves Lord of the Rings or Pride & Prejudice, you're sure to find something she'd love in her shop. These are just some examples of what she creates!

Maybe she likes tea parties? If so, did you know author Roseanna M. White has Tea Party book clubs? Her next book releases May 4th and she's having a book club to discuss it in July! Not only does she have a book club, she sells bookish items like signed books, t-shirts, cups, and bags.

Hello my candle loving friends. You have GOT to have a mom or mom friend in your life who loves bookish candles, right? I mean, can she really be an avid reader if she doesn't have book related candles? You'd be helping her out if you added to her collection! So, check out Wick and Sarcasm for their selections of jar candles, tin candles, gift set, AND they even have a cute Mother's Day package.

Then there's Bliss, Books & Jewels! While not all of her items are bookish, quite a few are. What's fun is, she will tell you what book(s) each of her items would pair wonderfully with. How cool is that? Here are a few of her items you can find in her store:

There are lots of other fun ideas that you can search around for like book sleeves, handmade bookmarks, and more! Here are a couple of the bookish items that I have and think would be great:

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Christy said...

Thanks so much for including my little shop here! Happy to be included in such excellent company. :)

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