Saturday, May 29, 2021

Simplified Classes By Emily Lex & GIVEAWAY

I remember how much I used to love to do watercolor painting! It was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger. When I heard about the opportunity to learn more about Emily Lex and try out some of her classes, I was incredibly excited! Not only that, you'll see that my son-in-law hijacked my books that I brought with me to MN and he started painting. Needless to say, he loves painting.

Here's what came in my box for review:
  • A watercolor flowers workbook
  • Truth for Today cards
  • Kids Truth for Today cards
  • A brass stand
I was also given access to all 3 of her online classes. I had no idea one of the classes would be on penmanship! THAT was a fascinating series of classes to take. One of the many benefits of taking her penmanship class was learning the difference between that and lettering! AND, I was able to explain that difference to my daughter! I have been wanting to work on my penmanship for years.

So, when you start Emily's classes you might think, "Oh my gosh, why are we starting off with these baby steps. I know all of these things, I'm just going straight to the painting." Wait up! Let me tell you something. She starts off the basics for a reason. Writing or doing watercoloring is like any other skill. You need to understand and practice the rudimentary pieces before you get to the bigger steps.

Her classes are created to be taken in bite size pieces. They're split up into very manageable pieces so you can learn at your own pace. The start of each of her videos is about the items you'll need to get started. Once you're set up to get going, she shows you step by step how each of your items work and why they do what they do. I really never understood the difference of the numbers of the pencil leads! I also liked learning about what pens she uses and why.

With the watercolors, it was fabulous to watch her explain things like, why you should wait for your first color to dry before you start with the next. I mean, not rocket science, but I never would've thought about it. Once you start learning it all starts coming together. I'm absolutely a visual learner so these classes are perfect for me!

And let me tell you, the classes aren't just, oh, here's what you need and here are the baby steps to do them. NO! These classes are robust and teach you SO many things. Like lettering! I had no idea that was even going to be one of the lessons. Seriously, makes me want to go out and buy more than just my dollar store items to get me started products! In fact, now when I'm in art supply stores, those are the things I look at first!

Now, if you have kids, you are going to LOVE her Watercolor For Kids class! Again, she starts off with the basics and her lessons are ones that kids will be able to sit through because they're not too long for antsy kiddos. She knows how to talk to the kids by explaining why they don't want to do things like squishing the brushes or using thick paint. You know how kids are. hahaha

I actually loved her lesson 5 for the color palette! I was fascinated by it and this is where someone like me, a visual and hands on learner will take away so much for the lesson! Emily also uses a couple of her kids throughout this series to show you how easy it is for them.

Learn more about Emily here:  and on IG:

View her shop here:

Now you have the opportunity to enter this giveaway! Check the website for entry details! 3 people will win from Emily Lex:
  • Farmgirl Flowers Bouquet
  • Truth for Today Scripture Cards + Brass Card Holder
  • Olive & June Nail Polish (3 colors)
  • 1 Canoe 2 Zipper Pouch
  • Linen Tea Towel
  • Rifle Paper for Anthropologie Garden Party Monogram Mug
  • $100 Starbucks Gift Card


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