Saturday, December 11, 2021

Christmas Artza Subscription Box

I was SO excited to be surprised with the Christmas Artza Box! I had no idea it was coming, so to see this gorgeous box on my porch when I got home, I was incredibly excited! There were a lot of fun items that I can't wait to share with you! I received this box for review.

I don't even know where to start! There was such an eclectic selection of items in the Christmas box!! Since I'm eating some right now, let's start off with Holy Cacao. The first bar we tried was the Sachlav flavored one. It has the flavors of orange, cinnamon, and rose blossom in white chocolate. I'm rather fascinated by the flavor. Then there was the pumpkin spice flavored chocolate. Both bars were incredibly smooth and rich tasting. The pumpkin spice flavored one has cinnamon, rose, nutmeg, ginger, and clove. if you're a pumpkin spice fan, then you will love this!! When I visited their online shop, I wanted to try their milk chocolate & coffee blend!!

One of the more popular activities these days is coloring. Tali Melter made a hand-created coloring book called Fantastic Holy Land. One side of the page teaches you and your family about the location. Then the other side of the page has the location to color. It's a fun and artistic way to learn about Israel!

Next is the jar of creamy pecan halva. I've never seen or heard of this before, but with the walnut pecan halva cake recipe they sent, I can't wait to try it out. I'm wishing I had all of the ingredients to make it tonight. If only I had some self-raising flour. I'll be sure to share on Instagram when I do finally make it! Apparently the halva can be enjoyed straight from the jar so I'll definitely have to sample a scoop!

Once again we get a wedge of Tereza's hand-made soap. I "may" have to use it this time. I still have the previous one sitting next to my bed on my nightstand because it has such a great scent! It's a natural aromatic soap scrub.

Then there are two olive wood ornaments from Bethlehem. The first one is of a candle. The second is a nativity scene. The details on the nativity scene is gorgeous! I think the candle will go on the tree, but I'm going to use the nativity scene as part of my Christmas display. 

We received a Pomegranate fruit & herbal infusion. It looks like it can be used in hot or cold water like a tea? I don't know, I opened it up, poured a handful into my hand and ate it that way. lol It has dried pineapple, dried papaya, dried cranberries, hibiscus, pomegranate powder, and artificial flavors. It's Kosher and comes from Bethlehem as well!

There are 3 custom painted tryptic of Israeli landscapes with Bible verses. Tamar Yair, the artist, grew up near the Dead Sea. The paintings she created specifically for Artza are of her favorite places in Israel. All three are on a heavy card stock and will look perfect framed and displayed together. 

The last item that came in my box is for Premium Members. it's a paper cut out framed home-blessing. it says "peace onto your home". Noa Attias is a mom of 5 who recently opened a small studio in Israel. She understands how important it is to have peace in the home. In the cut out she included wheat and pomegranate which are two of the seven species that are special to the land of Israel. The doves also represent peace.

If you'd like to grab a Christmas box, be sure to order it ASAP! You can use my referral link and use code Mimi20 to get 20% off your subscription box! When you place an order to start a subscription, you'll also receive the limited time Christmas box! As you can see, you get incredible items in your boxes! Don't miss out!


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