Friday, February 8, 2008

Controversial Parenting

Who here hasn't done something as a parent they wish they could take back? Has any one of us parented perfectly? I certainly know I haven't. Today on Good Morning America, they had a spot on a mom from Jacksonville, FL who made her child hold a sign on the street declaring that he'd been rude to his teacher.

This has created quite the firestorm on their website. As per my last post, this is one of those situations where, everybody better clear the room because I'm gonna share my opinion! Oh, and share I did.

I really believe that mom did what she felt would reach her child in a positive way. We don't know her or her situation. Most of the naysayers are debating if she's a single mom, an abuser, a molester, and/or a neglector. That if he's acting out (being rude) there must be a reason...of course a horrible insidious one. All because she made her child accept responsibility for a choice he made. Clearly, from their opinions, no child would ever behave disrespectfully, rude, or embarrassingly without a negative home environment. I think we all know better than that. Whether she's a single mom has no bearing on the situation. One person suggested she be investigated! That's almost laughable if not for the society we're living in. Raise perfect children, but don't discipline in a way that would make the children change their behavior. I guess we should all be investigated for being imperfect parents. I suggested these people who are against what this mom did to write a book on perfect parenting. I also told them that they could throw the first stone since they did everything right parenting their own kids.

He's 7 yrs old. He'll recover just fine from this event. He's learned a valuable lesson. I don't believe he'll be rude to any of his teachers any time soon. I'd guess there will be fewer incidents with this little boy. Maybe we could all take some pointers from this mom. Next time my daughter mouths off to me, maybe I'll make her pay for a skywriting airplane write her misdeeds for the state to see. The next time my boys start fighting, I could make them videotape their apology and put it on YouTube. tee hee hee

I'm happy to say that most of the responses to this mom has been extremely positive and encouraging to her! It's good to know that there are other parents out there who believe that we should still discipline our children in positive and effective ways!


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