Friday, February 8, 2008

Sharing your thoughts

Are you ever afraid to share your thoughts? For me, it depends. What's the situation? How am I feeling at the moment? Am I PMSing? (tee hee hee)

Has a teacher acted out of line (at least in my opinion) with my child? Has a neighbor child sworn at my little guy? Has someone driven terribly and they have a 1-800 number on their vehicle? Oh, you know it, I'm calling. And yes, while I'm driving.

Well, I recently read a book that I felt was too sexual and sensual to be labeled "Christian", even edgy Christian. So, I wrote to the publisher to share my thoughts. I typically leap before I look. I tend to vomit emotionally when I share my lovely opinions without a lot of thought to how it will be received and if I'm acting in a Christian manner. This time I believe I wasn't out of line, but got my thoughts across.

I did get a response and they are standing behind their author, which I think is commendable, considering the market they are trying to reach. I've read edgy inspiration, but I believe that it won't be for everyone. I suggested they find a way to label some of these authors, possibly with a logo, so that some of us who drift more toward "soft" inspiration will know to proceed with caution.

I don't mind romance, even at the beginning of a book, or topics that are true to life. Don't get me wrong. I think it's the amount of detail that's provided that sent me over the edge. I think sexual tension, in a romance, is completely aprapeau.

From what the publisher's rep said in response to my email is that this book and others from the author has touched many readers. Readers who have found healing and forgiveness! Wow, who knew? And even though I know I won't read anymore of those books, I'm thankful that this writer is reaching the heart of her readers, which seems to be her ultimate goal. The author is trying to reach readers who typically stay away from Christian books because they're too preachy. Well, who am I to stand in the way of a ministry field?

So, I was able to share my thoughts while at the same time learning that those who have different opinions are being drawn to the Lord! Praise God. I hope you will take a chance and share your thoughts and opinions, especially if it seems to go against what you believe is Truth. Know that you have the right to express your thoughts and opinions. Don't be afraid. But, unlike me, pray before you hit the send button. Maybe you are only supposed to get it out of your system and then send it right to the trash. Yes, I need to practice what I preach!



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