Sunday, February 3, 2008

Proof by Bill Bright and Jack Cavanaugh

This is the first book in their series. I have never read anything by these authors before and have to say I really enjoyed the book.

It's hard for me to understand writers writing together. How do they agree on what each will contribute to the story? Without knowing Bill or Jack, I'd have thought only one person wrote Proof. Bill Bright passed away in 2003.

The book starts off with Nellie Bly interviewing Judge Harrison Shaw. Ms. Bly tells him that his wife was her inspiration. Shaw explains to Ms. Bly how he came to know his wife and why her journalism was so important in her day.

Shaw is an intriguing character. He did well in law school and when he comes up for a prestigous internship with none other than J.K. Jarves, he knows there's no way he'll get the position. Turns out he gets it and in the process meets his future wife, Victoria.

Jarves is a very easy character to hate. From the start the reader learns how deplorable the man can be and Shaw wants no part of it. Victoria does her part during the internship to make Shaw's life miserable as well. She seems to be just has miserable as her father.

Many twists and turns lead the reader into a courtroom where Shaw has to defend God and ultimately the Holy Spirit. As you ride along with Shaw's journey, you get nearly as deflated as he does. The entire time I wanted to yell at my book, "Have you even prayed once about any of this?"

The story occurs during the 1857-1858 revival in New York. The authors share at the end of the book about the true revival of the times.

The next book in the series is Fire and I'll be starting that book tomorrow.


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