Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meeting Authors Day 1

So, today I had to decide whether I was going to keep sleeping or haul my lazy butt out of bed to drive 45 minutes and meet Julie Klassen and Cathy Marie Hake at Northwestern Bookstore in Maple Grove, MN. It was a battle, let me tell you. I haven't been sleeping well, going to bed around 1:30-2:00am every night. I know studies say you can't catch up on sleep, but I certainly enjoy trying.

I lay there pondering several things. First, if I sleep until noon, that would be bad on so many levels, but I enjoy sleeping when I get around to it. Second, I could wait to meet the ladies until Saturday with what I imagine will be throngs of people (something not completely thrilling to me). I don't mind the throngs, I just want to meet the authors on my "to meet list" and am concerned I won't be able to get them all in! So, meeting these two ladies with less people to compete with was very enticing. Lastly, if I wait until Saturday, I won't use a 1/4 tank (minimum) of gas, both days. My gas tank is about as empty as my bank account. Interesting, Bank and Tank rhyme and they're both always running on empty!

Well, I heave ho-ed my tush out of bed and meandered about the house, still debating what I would do. My selfish side finally grabbed hold of me and made the decision for me. I was getting ready to meet 2 authors. The whole drive down, I argued with myself about the gas I was using when I could've just done it all in one day. Every time I seemed to have convinced myself I'd turn around, part of my brain would kick in and tell me how close I was already and what was the use of turning around at whatever point I was at?

I almost forgot my camera, I was so nervous. Would they even know who I was? Would I tell Cathy my name and see her looking back at me with a blank look on her face? I'd only corresponded with Julie Klassen a couple times, I was pretty sure she wouldn't know who I was. Authors are innundated by fans daily, so who am I that they'd remember me?

I walked into the bookstore and there they were: Cathy Marie Hake and Julie Klassen. Julie is as tall as she looks and Cathy is as sweet as they come. They were talking with a reader, and I just wanted to dive in. Well, I did in a way. I told them who I was. Cathy and Julie both knew who I was. Whoopie!!! :) I was so happy to spend time with both of these ladies. They were both amazing people to talk with. I forgot that Julie lives here in MN. She and I were both happy that Cathy was able to have the nice weather. I'd told several people to bring warm clothing since it'd been so cold here. God is so good to give us this beautiful Summer weather, just before we head into Fall.

We all talked for a while and ate chocolate. A grandma came to the table with the most adorable little girl in the world. Cathy convinced them to grab chocolates (two in fact), and to share them with mommy who was perusing the books. The little girl came back and Cathy engaged her with a couple questions about Jesus. One of the questions Cathy asked her was, "Where does Jesus live?" The adults around her knew the response might be "in my heart", but she chose one that seemed more appropriate for her. She said, "In China." Grandma explained that mommy tells her she's a daughter of her mommy's heart. She was adopted from China. We all thought she was so adorable!

I bought Julie's book Lady of Milkweed Manor because I had read my library's copy. Julie signed my book. Then Cathy signed my 3 books I brought. I wasn't sure where my other 2 were: Letter Perfect and Bittersweet. On my way down there, I remembered that a friend of ours has them. That means Brieanne will have to bring them on Saturday when we meet the rest of the authors! I hope there is enough time in 2 hours to meet everyone!

Here are a couple of pictures from my first meeting! I wish we lived closer to the cities because I'd go to the different Christian bookstores and meet the authors on a more intimate basis!

Me and Cathy Marie Hake
Me and Julie Klassen


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