Friday, September 5, 2008

Pictures of my "Lasts" and Blog Links

My Senior Brieanne
Hi all. I thought I'd throw the pics of my oldest and youngest on here, along with my in-betweeners. Ahhh, my babies! It's still odd being here in the house alone. Now, I'm ADD, and have been since I became a teen (not adult onset). Back then we had no idea there was something to what was "wrong" with me. So, to come up with something to do other than sleep the day away isn't easy. An entire day to be productive. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. :) I do have to work tonight. I volunteered yesterday at the elementary and saw both my boys. Today I'd love to crawl back into bed for an extended nap! I think I may hit the couch for a 10 min power nap.
Ryan's first day of kindergarten Amber loaded down with backpack Jake is in the middle in the gray t-shirt

I've already cleaned 2 of the rooms that had dog pee/poop stains. The stray mama dog has taken to pottying in the house now, even though we take her out to potty several times a day. Sigh...I just can't win. Rugby, our 4+ month old is getting better with the potty training. We're doing kennel training and it helps with the accidents. Rugby has been quite the crazy addition to our home. He seems to have created his own Agility course in our living room. Watching him run it is hysterical.

Alrighty, can you tell I haven't taken my ADD meds? I'm pretty rambly and scattered. I've been trying to get pictures loaded up here and emailing the photographer with tons of questions and requests. I'm hope I don't drive her so crazy she ends up moving, changing her email and phone number!

As for blogs, if you want me to add you to my blog so people can find you, leave a comment here and I'll be sure to put you on the site. Tell me your name and the name of your blog/site along with the web address.

Blessings on your weekend. ~Mimi


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