Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My first Fall Into Reading 2008 List

Ok, so this is my first time trying to set a goal as to what I'll read. Usually I read whatever our Bound Together church book club is doing and whatever I'm reviewing. So, now I'm going to make a list of what I expect to be reading over the course of the next several months. Here they are in no particular order:


  • The Elevator by Angela Hunt
  • Quills & Promises by Amber Miller
  • DragonQuest by Donita K. Paul
  • Lost in NashVegas by Rachel Hauck
  • Diva NashVegas by Rachel Hauck
  • Breaking Free by Lauraine Snelling
  • Beach Dreams by Trish Perry
  • The Trophy Wives Club by Kristin Billerbeck
  • Ekaterina by Susan Downs & Susan May Warren
  • Whirlwind by Cathy Marie Hake
  • The Secret Life of Becky Miller by Sharon Hinck
  • The Bunko Babes by Leah Starr Baker
  • Stepping Into Sunlight by Sharon Hinck
  • It's Not About Me by Michelle Sutton
  • Blessed Are the Meddlers by Christa Ann Banister
  • The Falcon and the Sparrow by ML Tyndall
  • Forsaken by James David Jordan
  • The Shack by William Young
  • Leave it to Chance by Sherri Sand
  • Finding Stephanie by Susan May Warren
  • The Rook by Steven James
  • Shadow of Colossus by T.L. Higley
  • Riven by Jerry Jenkins

YA Fiction

  • Ripple Effect by Paul McClusker
  • Infadel Graphic Novel by Ted Dekker
  • Matterhorn the Brave by Mike Hammel
  • Ryann Watters and the King's Sword by Eric Reinhold


  • He Loves Me, He loves Me Not by Trish Ryan
  • Seeing Through the Lies by Vonda Skelton
  • Mistaken Identity by Don Van Ryn
  • UnChristian by David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons
  • Once an Arafat Man by Tass Saada
  • Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back by Josh Hamilton

Ok, that's about it. I can't believe how many books there are to read. I know there are a ton more books that I'm set to read and the 2 books for our church book club that have yet to be announced. I have no doubt I'll miss reading some of these books only for the fact that I haven't seemed to have a lot of time to read since the beginning of the year. I'll keep you updated on the list! If you'd like to check out other people's reading lists, head to the website listed under today's post heading. Do you have a Fall reading challenge? If not, now's the perfect time to put one together.


Anonymous said...

Is Josh Hamilton that awesome baseball player who went through all kinds of hard times and is now doing great? I didn't know he had a book out . . .

Mimi N said...

Yes, I believe so. I signed up to review his book, but I haven't received a response yet, so we'll see! I think our book club would really enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

I read an article about him in Sports Illustrated a couple months ago. His story looked riveting. I'll have to look for the book. Thanks for the heads up! :)

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