Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My daughter's last, first day of school

Well, it's done. She's driven off in the rain after the annual First Day of School picture. I almost forgot about it! My son was already at the bus stop (the corner of our property) so I had to rush around finding a jacket, an umbrella, the battery for the camera (which was charged, can we get a halleluia), and the camera. I rushed out praying to beat the bus and snapped a photo of him and a couple of other kids huddled under an umbrella. I don't think my kids have ever had a rainy first day of school.

I ran back to the house thinking I had a bit of time before my girls left. I was mistaken. Brieanne was already plopping her stuff into her car. She called to me, "Alright we're leaving." I panicked and told her I needed to get a picture first and she replied, "I know, that's why I told you." From there it's kind of a blur for me. I mentioned something about it being her last "first" day of school and proceeded to cry. For a change, she didn't roll her eyes at me or make some stupid teenage comment! She did say it wasn't her last day of school because she was going to college and I told her in a whiny voice, "Yah, but I won't be there for your first day!" Bring on the fresh tears. Since I can't see through the lens while crying I composed myself to take her picture. Then my 15 yr old came out lugging her backpack, tennis bag, and locker items. She posed while her sister laughed at her because I was taking her picture. Then the mom in me took over. A picture of them sitting in the car and a picture of them driving off.

I was so glad I glimpsed over at them as they were driving off. My 17 yr old actually waved at me! WAVED AT ME! I fumbled around trying to get my hand available to wave back, but she was gone. I walked into the house and started bawling. My baby's LAST first day of school. How many more lasts am I going to have with her this year? Too many to count, I'm sure. Tomorrow will be her LAST 2nd day of high school. Can you see where my twisted, emotional brain will take me. I could make it into something quite ridiculous and every day she leaves for school tell her, "Today is your last "_____" day of school." Now that is something I'd be known to do. It would probably help me get through the week.

Later today I'll be taking my 5 year old for his Kindergarten open house. I'll be blogging again tomorrow about the fact that it's my "last" child's "first" day of school. Sigh...I may need therapy before the week is over.

Please keep me in prayer. This is going to be a rough year for me emotionally. Next summer I'll be a basket case. How fun.


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