Saturday, February 14, 2009

Born Again American Video

This was an amazingly powerful video! Do you get emails that just make you roll your eyes? One more link to click on, one more email to forward, etc. It will never stop. Well, unusual as it is for me, I actually clicked on this link and boy am I glad I did.

Born Again American was written by Keith Carradine. People from all over America are recorded either singing the song or playing an instrument. The point of this song is to encourage us to be active, involved and thoughtful citizens. If we give to our country either on a large scale or small, it will benefit everyone.

You can go in and pledge to be a Born Again American, add your own lyrics, and remix the video. I can't say that is is a republican or democratic video. I really believe it's an "American" video. We all live here. We should all agree to do our part in making America a place to thrive and be a good place to live.

Definitely check this out and make your commitment either personally or publicly.


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