Sunday, February 15, 2009

Keep it Funny with Tim Gabrielson Comedian/Magician

On Friday night the boys and I joined my girl friend, Lisa, and 2 of her kids at a comedy/magic show. Now I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of magic shows. I know, I'm such a downer. We were given the tickets by Lisa and I figured, how do I give up something like that? So, off we went and I explained to the boys that what the "guy" was going to do were tricks. We don't do magic, if you know what I mean. (sorry Tim)

So, the boys and I get to the high school auditorium and Lisa informs me the kids are sitting in the front row. Oh, GRAND!!! That's the last place my boys need to be. I warn them that their life won't be worth living if they are so obnoxious I have to get them in front of the entire audience and drag them out! :) Ah, the fear of the mama is so sweet sometimes!

Well, the show starts and we're awed from the beginning! I hadn't looked into this show at all and had no clue what to expect. Tim engaged the audience in nearly every part of the show. He alluded to the audience that he must be the babysitter at the show because the children in front had no parents sitting with them. Lisa & I were three rows back and when the people in front of us looked at us, I turned around and looked at the people behind us. :) Yeah, where are those negligent parents anyhow?

For some reason, the night held a lot of uncooperative people for Tim's show. One lady couldn't come up with a non-perishable food item off the top of her head. It took several minutes of him talking with her to get her to come up with something. Towards the middle of the show, he brought up a lady who wasn't thrilled to be up there and wasn't very "helpful".

Tim asked her several times if she thought men could read women's minds. She kept saying, "yes," and he continued to try and persuade her to say, "no." Tim said something to the effect of, "Um, you're not really taking the hint here, are ya?" We were all dying with laughter! Oh, I forgot to qualify how Tim chose this woman. He had one of those fake raccoon looking animals that he was wiggling. Hello, stuffed animal!! He came down to the audience (I think) and tossed it towards the audience. Somehow I knew this was coming, and most everyone else didn't. Seemed odd to me. Well, Lisa nearly ended up in my lap when he tossed his raccoon and the rest of the room screamed! It was like he was Moses parting the Red Sea. I can still see the crowd leaning out of the way.

Not even 1/2 way into the show, I was holding my stomach because it hurt so bad from laughing. I leaned over to Lisa and told her, "Man, he's my kind of guy. He's just like me!" Not kidding you, only a minute or two later, he said something to the effect of having ADHD. Of course, he referred to it as being Attention Deficit High Definition. Lisa said to me, "He even has your mannerisms." It was true. Tim was me in guy form! Scary!!!

Tim travels around the United States and plays in many venues. This was a family event and I can tell you, it was clean as a whistle! Ok, so he some potty humor (literally). Who doesn't giggle at that kind of humor? If you are ever in need of entertainment, I would highly recommend Tim Gabrielson. He was in Annandale to help raise money for All Day Kindergarten Scholarships!

You can find Tim at his website: Keep It Funny


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