Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gardening With My Son

When I set out to put some tomato plants in my garden this afternoon, I didn't expect my 6 yr old to come out and help me. I had an idea of how I was going to put the tomatoes in and wanted the help I was going to ask for.

Doodle had some of his own plans and seemed to think he knew exactly what he was doing. I was content with him just helping me dig. Then he wanted to take the already started plants out of their containers. Well, okay. I showed him how to put his hand over the opening and have his fingers gently around the stem, then to pat on the bottom of the cup.

Then he wanted to move on to his own holes while I was still filling in the hole he'd dug previously. Doodle was on a roll. He knew all about gardening. "Yep, this hole is deep enough. I got the next plant mom." "Alright, that one's done. I'm going to plant the next one here."
I explained to him that plants grow bigger and need room for their leaves & stems. Reminds me, I need to grab my tomato cages. I tried to keep an eye on him as he went on his merry way and I kept myself in check. This happens every year. And every year, he understands a bit more about the gardening process, although I'm still quite the novice.

In the end, I was bright enough to grab my camera before the entire moment was lost to us forever. I wanted to be creative in my photographs, but my brain was 1/2 asleep because all I wanted was a nap. Snapping these photos captured this precious moment with my little Doodle who will be 7 yrs old next week. He's growing like a weed, or a well taken care of tomato plant.

What a blessing.


Liz Mays said...

That's pretty young to be catching on so well! Excellent little gardener, he is!

Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees said...

I recently had a similar experience gardening with my little helpers. So much fun and so important to pass the skills on! They make excellent weeders too! Here's my post if you want to check it out

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