Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sixteen Cities CD Review

Sixteen Cities is an awesome modern rock Christian band! These 5 young guys have begun making a name for themselves in the Christian market.

The band is comprised of 5 guys: Josiah Warneking, Joshua Miller, Dustin Erhardt, Chad McCutchen, and Joel Warneking. They may be young, but they have a fantastic message to share with every age group.

At their site Sixteen Cities, you can listen to their music (top left corner) and get an idea of their awesome sound.

Just Wanna Dance: I love hearing this song on the radio!!! This is a rock in your seat while you're driving kind of song.

Save Me From Myself: No one else can set us free and this song really gets to the heart of that!

Sing Along: Look around us, everything sings God's praises and how awesome that we can sing along.

Pray You Through: Sometimes there's nothing we can say to someone when they are hurting. All we can do is pray. So powerful and what reminder of the power and sweetness of praying for another person.

Only After You: Sometimes we have to get to the place where we realize we have to leave everything else behind and run towards the Lord. Fall in love with Jesus!

Come As You Are: We can never truly go so far that the Lord will not accept us back into His arms. He wants you any way you will come back to Him!

Innocent: We go to the Lord as guilty sinners and come away innocent, regardless of the fact He knows we will sin again. What a wonderful promise!

Captured By Your Love: Is there really anyone else that can save us from ourselves? I think we all know people who have tried and haven't succeeded. Thank goodness that if we're willing, He will capture us!

Someone's Work Of Art: Probably one of my favorite songs. It's the main song I want to use on my daughter's graduation video next year. She is God's work of art in my life! I hope she will someday realize that. It actually makes me cry!!

Bleeding For You: Looking back at my younger years I know I could've used this song in my life. What a wonderful song to share with someone who doesn't realize their worth in the Lord!

Winter: Sometimes we get so far from where we thought we'd be, in a place that seems so desolate. The Lord will help you find your way back.

Here's where you can find out more about Sixteen Cities and follow them:






Sixteen Cities Blog:

So, you've check them out and now want to add them to your music collection? Head to their Store and make a purchase! You can also sign up for their Newsletter to stay up-t0-date and learn about when they might be in your area.

I'd like to thank Janet from Bozeman Media for sending me this awesome review copy of Sixteen Cities!


Liz Mays said...

It's so fun to discover great music, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I love listening to Christian music while I work out. I'm definitely going to check out this band!

Thanks for adding the video ;o)

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