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Six-Liter Club by Dr. Harry Kraus

Six-Liter Club

by Dr. Harry Kraus

About the Book

Dr. Camille Weller is the first African American female attending in the trauma surgical department at the Medical College of Virginia (where Kraus earned his M.D.). On her first day, she joins the Six-Liter Club - a reference to an elite group of doctors who have saved a patient after the patient loses six-liters of blood. Exhilarated, she decides to do something about the antiquated "doctors" and "nurses" signs on the locker room doors and changes clothes with the "doctors." She'll also blow their prejudices about skin color out of the water. Yet Camille has far more to overcome than preconceived notions about her skin color or sex...she's having nightmares about her childhood in the Congo, a dark closet, whispered words, and strong arms holding her back.

My Review

I have read some edgy Christian Fiction, and this one is up there with some of the edgier ones! Let's just say, this isn't your typical Christian read. Interestingly, it wasn't disconcerting in any way, but Dr. Kraus has his characters participating in activities and having thoughts that we don't typically see in this genre.

I found it interesting that Dr. Kraus wrote about an African-American, woman doctor when he's a white, male doctor. I wonder where he got the POV for her character. Just one of those things that made me go, "hmm."

The story is intense from beginning to end. Starting off with Camille making her stand in the "doctor" lounge, being the first woman to step foot in there. Then there's her boyfriend, Mark, who she seems to have pegged as a "breast" guy. I'm telling you, this isn't your "golly-shucks" Christian novel!

After Camille's Six-Liter save, she seems to start having panic attacks, which she isn't convinced they are because she can't scientifically prove it. In the meantime, she begins to treat a psychiatrist who's in a loveless marriage and is making a connection with a new man.

The mom of the Six-Liter boy has no problem making sure that the entire staff knows that the Lord Jesus will be healing her son. Camille thinks that's a lovely thought, but is much more realistic about the situation, or is she? Is she running from a faith her parents tried to instill in her as a young girl? What doesn't she remember about her time in the Congo and does it have something to do with her supposed panic attacks?

If you are NOT ready for edgy fiction, and I have to admit, some crass talk, I'd be cautious about this novel. I'm not saying it's not a good read. It was good and I think it fits a niche that's lacking in the Christian genre. The characters were well developed and I liked Dr. Kraus's writing.

About the Author

Harry Kraus has brought surgical skill to medical missions on four continents. Most recently, he returned to Somalia for a short stay. His family (wife, Kris, and three sons) is contemplating a return to Kenya for three years. He could stay in Virginia, building his surgical practice, storing wealth and acquiring house after house, car after car - but that isn't where Harry's heart lies.

Harry Kraus watched the Twin Towers fall on 9/11. He was at Ground Zero providing medical services to those who managed to escape the falling buildings. He saw firsthand the result of human relationships that lack love for fellow man. He determined to spend his life pouring love into human hearts. In Africa, he is often asked by Muslim patients why he would come halfway around the world to take care of them for no pay. Harry smiles. He tells them about the unconditional love He received from a Savior.

I'd like to thank Rebeca from Glass Road Public Relations for my review copy! The opinions are completely mine and may not reflect the experience of others.


Mimi said...

Sounds great!

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Wanda said...

Oh this book sounds like a real page turner!

Harry Kraus said...

Thanks Mimi. You describe my novel as "edgy." I guess that's true, but understand, I wrote this as a book that Christians could give their non-christian friends as a book that finally "gets" their struggles. I don't intend to offend the Christian, but to draw in the unbeliever into a story they can identify with in terms of struggle and challenges that they face. I was concerned that the message may be too "edgy" for some believers. In fact, my agent shopped this manuscript to secular publishing houses for two years...but every one found the novel too faith and Christian oriented to be acceptable to the non-Christian market! My prayer is that the book will be one that can be shared with non-Christians as a challenge. Thanks for helping introduce me to your readers. Grace to you, Harry Kraus

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