Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whish Body Products

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Whish Body Products is truly a girly site! I love that their bottles are iconic of the late 60s, early 70s! I was sent 3 products to sample:

Shave Savour
Hair Inhibiting Gel




pomegranate sugar scrubPomegranate
Three Whishes
Sugar Scrub



pomegranate body washPomegranate
Three Whishes
Body Wash



Here’s some great information about these products:

It’s Paraben free. Sulfate free. TEA & DEA free. Petrochemical free. All natural & organic ingredients! Is that spectacular or what?!

As you click on each product, you have the opportunity to see exactly what ingredients are used. An entire LIST! On top of that, they explain what parts of the products to such as:

1) In the Body Wash the aloe, shae butter and raspberry butter moisturizes the skin

2) The glycerin cleanses

3) And the cucumber and marigold soothes the skin

I love the detail they’ve given for their customers!

My Review

I didn’t realize that the body wash had separated and I should’ve squished it around in the sample packet to mix it up. So, when I opened it, the top ingredients came swishing out. I was left with a good amount of the cream and that was great smelling.

The sugar scrub does have a strong scent to it and if you like pomegranate, you will like the scent. This is some seriously thick sugar scrub! I had to take the lid off my sample to squeeze it out! Hello exfoliation!

The hair inhibiting gel didn’t do much for me. I have leg hair that knows no bounds. I actually tested it on one leg and left the other without. I loved the smell, but a day later, stubble on both legs. Wish the hair on my head was as thick as the hair on my legs, but I digress.

Whish isn’t limited to just shower products although they do have Shaving Cream, Body Butter, and Ingrown Hair Serum. You can also find the cutest Body Brushes!

No, I don’t have any personal photos. I wouldn’t torture anyone with those. Well, maybe someday, but not now!

MamaBuzz I’d like to thank MamaBuzz for this Tour along with Julie from Whish Body Products! I received sample sizes of the shower items. The opinions expressed are mine and may differ from others.


Liz Mays said...

Those brushes are cute, cute, cute, and anything fruity works for me. I'd love it!

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